C1417 Sound Healing

Course Description

Level 1: • History of Sound Healing • How sound allows one to connect to The Rhythm of Life • The vibrational fields and harmonising effects of sound • Information on singing bowls and gongs • Intention / Entrainment • The scientific research supporting sound as a proven modality for health and well being • Clearing stagnant energy your home using a Tibetan singing bowl • How Sound Healing can complement Holistic Therapies and Yoga. • A Simple and fun Sound technique for use in a classroom environment . • Practical demonstration using Tibetan Bowls • Sound and the Chakras • Sound Healing Practitioner Programme Level 2: •Revision of Level 1 •Arriving, Grounding and Energising Techniques •Sound Healing and its effect on each of our Body Systems •The Practitioner approach •Therapeutic Relationship •Material Science •The power of Consciousness •The sound Healing elements/Techniques •Electromagnetic fields •Practical Element

Course Pre-Requisites

A recognised qualication in A&P L3


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