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Posted by Genevieve Ataro, Mar 20 2014 5:14PM

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Festival season


I am looking for individuals or companies that can guide me in the right direction.

Does anyone here work at festivals or know anyone that works in festival healing area that can help me look for work.

Thanks :)
Sue Hulbert
Apr 9 2014 9:39AM
Hi Genevieve

In relation to Working at Festivals, please contact me at

Sue Hulbert
MCThA C20071
Genevieve Ataro
Apr 25 2014 3:14PM
Pippa Waldron
Jun 10 2014 7:43PM

Looking for 3 therapists to do seated massage info below xxx

1) insurance and qualification ready
2) it is roaming massage therapy - please let me know if you have a chair /
stool to bring
3) Please not - you will NOT be given a ticket to the actual festival, you
will just be working outside of the festival in the Boutique camp area as
per the link below - (
4) you WILL be given a crew and car pass
5) you are happy to pay the £100 this week to secure your position

Please let me know you are still interested and I shall e mail you shortly
to let you know if you have been accepted as I have had quite a few
enquiries about this -
guests of Pennard Orchard (

THERAPISTS: x4 THERAPISTS: Chair massage, back, neck, shoulders, head
(clothes on)
FEE: £100 fee to participate / commitment fee (you keep all your takings
from the week end)
CLOTHING: Wear White / be presentable
BRING: Massage Stool
REPORT TO: Jenna Ansell
GUESTS: APPROX 200 per day in the area for you to work with
CHARGES: £1 per minute, minimum 15 minute massage, can offer: 15 / 20 / 25
/ 30 minute massages.
TICKET: camping pass / car pass

Thanks , pip


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