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Posted by Gillian Kenyon, Oct 1 2007 7:37PM

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How to find client referrals

If you are looking for client referrals, why not be a part of The H Club?

The H Club is a co-operative of independent therapists and wellbeing practitioners.

We all work for ourselves and help each other to generate new client opportunities and undertake corporate work, conferences and exhibitions together. We have worked with numerous national and international third party organisations and their marketing and promotions houses and aim to help promote wellbeing services across the United Kingdom and Europe.

Many of our member practitioners have found our third party promotions give an unprecedented client conversion rate. Initial callers are all screened by the H Club and individual practitioner details are not revealed. Participating member practitioners are contacted and offered the details of the pre-screened client so they may contact them and make appointments that are mutually suitable. The client pays you, the practitioner NOT The H Club when they take chargeable services from you !.

Most of our third party promotions include a free holistic/complementary/wellbeing treatment through The H Club’s register of member practitioners. We only offer promotions services on the basis that we are being introduced to new clients - all people taking up a taster or treatment are advised that we are offering it because we want them to become repeat clients. The promotion is designed to introduce them to a quality assured therapies practitioner close to their home location. It is expected that you, the therapist, will convert them to repeat clients who would then visit you for subsequent treatments at a later date.

Our largest ever promotion has had a final validity date of 30th September but calls came in so fast that we had to create a ‘waiting list’ of voucher holders needing matching to therapists. It isn't yet too late to sign up for this promotion as we have advised clients that if we able to locate practitioners for them, we will honour the vouchers into October. Needless to say, we had a massive influx before the close of official validity and have received over 700 calls from client voucher holders for this one promotion alone.

We do have numerous promotion schemes running throughout the year and would be pleased to have you join our register of ‘providers’ so that we can add you to these promotions. Indeed another promotion started this weekend and already we have passed over in excess of a dozen potential clients to member practitioners.

We would like to share the introductions to these new clients with as many new member practitioners as possible. Hence The H Club is thus looking to increase its participating practitioner coverage across the whole United Kingdom and Eire.

Offer wise, on our two most recent promotions we were looking for participating practitioners to provide a free 15 minute micro-session. We offer client voucher holders the option to upgrade to a full one hour treatment with the practitioner if they choose to pay the difference……..£33 (standard 2007 list prices for clients passed to you by The H Club are £44 per hour). That £33 is payable direct to the therapist without any deduction for The H Club's concierge and matching service.

If you wish to discount this rate for your clients it is up to you. However, we will be passing clients to you who are advised of and say they are willing to accept that £44 per hour is our list rate. Why would you want to work for less.

If you are willing and able to work with us on these types of promotion it would be an excellent marketing opportunity for you. The programme of promotions is not guaranteed to fill every appointment space you have but has previously been shown to generate new client visits that can be arranged by you to fit into spaces between existing clients that would otherwise remain empty.

If you would like to participate in this, and our other client generation activities, we would ask you to complete a member registration process and post back a registration form to us with copy professional indemnity insurance and qualifications.

If you have any queries, or wish to be e-mailed a registration form, please come back to us by e-mail at:
Sava Andric
Oct 23 2007 8:12PM
hello Gillian

I have just been reading your message. Am I reading this right, you inform the customer that the treatment will cost £44.00 and they pay me £33.00 and £11.00 goes to TheHclub.

You did kindly send me some information recently but I was wondering if you could email me to and your application form.

Would it be ok for me to call and speak to you. If so please can I have your telephone number.

Kind regards

Sava Andric (Mrs)
Gillian Kenyon
Oct 24 2007 9:52AM
Hello Sava

You certainly are mostly correct.

The H Club list price for all therapies for the year to 31st December 2007 is £44 or higher.

We have a number of client generation & voucher promotion programmes running at any one time. Under one of these, the client is offered a FREE 15 minute Micro-TREAT by way of example of the services we provide and includes the time for our consultation - not long for the treat you may say. Well, we explain this to the client and also offer them an UPGRADE to a full one hour session whereby we give them 25% discount off the full hourly list price of £44. The clients usually choose to upgrade and thus pay the therapist £33 for the one hour session. If the client is unwilliung to pay for the upgrade and is unwilling to come to us for their FREE 15 minutes, this is an indication that they aren't really after becoming a repeat client. The technique is a valid marketing technique and is called 'qualification'. It means that those people on whom we would be wasting time by givig free treatments when they have no intention of returning will actually identify themselves and choose for themselves not take up the offer.

Those who do upgrade pay ALL of the discounted £33 one hour session charge to the member practitioner. Our members are reporting back to me that many of these clients then return again and again.

Those who simply want to sample a treatment and meet the practitioner to committing to becoming a r'regular' have the opportunity to do so and do come for the FREE 15 minute sessions. These are the people you really must convince in a very short time - but it does show client commitment.

So far since June this year, we have received over 1000 calls from potential clients across the UK, from Aberdeen to Brighton, Portsmouth to Cardiff, Ireland (north & south) and plenty from London and the Home Counties. We simply just do not have enough practitioners to meet demand.

Member Practitioners are still required to be members of appropriate professional bodies and copy proof of both their qualifications and current insurance must be held at our head office under the terms of the contracts we have with our many business partners.

Member Practitioners can decide to participate in our promotion activities as much or as little as they wish. They set their own appointments with the client and the client is assiogned to that practitioner for as long as they remain a member. hence you not only get paid for a one off treatment, but can take the client back as a repeat client as many times as you like.

The H Club is providing a concierge service - matching clients around the country with differing therapy requirements to member practitioners with difffering therapy skills. Many of our member practitioners work part- or even full time and can not be at home answering calls from clients. We do this for them, taking client contact details and verifying requirements and authenticity. It takes constant manning every day of the week from first thing in the morning to last thing at night and has its own dedicated telephone service.

Having verified and registered the potential client, we contact practitioners and check they wish to take on this client. If so, contact details are given to the member practitioner to make contact with the client and set up the appointment to their own availability. If they don't want the client, we re-allocate the client to the next nearest member. At no time are member contact details given out to the client or advertised - thus helping maintain security and privacy of practitioners who work from home. Only available town locations and corresponding avilable treatment types are ever publicised openly. It is up to the member practitioner to disclose their personal details to the client once they have accepted them. We don't guarantee to fill up every spare moment of your time but we do promiose to do our best to pass you as many client enquiries as we can to match your needs.

To help towards our adminsitrative costs, Member practitioners are asked to pay an annual membership fee of £30 for the year 1st April to following year 31st March. Apart from this contribution - The H Club does NOT receive any payment from any other source, ie the business partners with whom we work are not paying us anything.

Unlike the many organisations springing up who are paid to recruit practitioners who are then asked to turn up at conferences, companies and exhibitions, and work for anything from FREE to £10 per hour and never see the client again, this is one way you can actually build repeat client business and get paid a professional rate for it.

The H Club is committed to genuinely helping promote professional practice of independent practitioners. We are practising practitioners with the skills of former careers as marketing and management consultants, accountants, business administrators, business and management trainers etc. We are all fully qualified and insured ourselves, we still have our own independent private practices. But, we believe that by working together we can create a truly successful business coalition where each member runs their own business in their own way but has access to the business support they need so much.

Our membership contribution in no way covers all of our costs. It is there by way of asking practitioners to show that they are serious and committed to growing their business and working in harmony with other practitioners to make our profession a truly well respected service.

So, for anyone else out there who wishes to take the plunge and build their own business, please contact us by e-mail at

Please tell us about your therapy skills, give us your name, address, telephone and other contact details so we can make contact and tell you more about the other things we do.

The more of us that co-operate together, the bigger the promotions we can become involved in. The bigger the promotions, the more clients we can pass you.

Sava Andric
Oct 24 2007 2:11PM
Hello Gillian

Thank you for your information I will have a good read and come back to you.

Kind regards


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