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Posted by Julia Lloyd, Sep 17 2005 3:56PM

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Stroke and Alzheimers

Does anyone have any advice for working with people with the above. Communication with client is a problem. Yes can mean no and no can mean yes. How do you assess if massage is acceptable when communication is virtually non-existent?
Rosemary Johnson
Sep 17 2005 7:48PM
Does the client/potential client have a carer/friend/relative who could translate?
Dora Jackson
Dec 2 2005 12:05AM
I would keep the focus on relaxation and give yourself some time to learn your clients signals. Even after a moderate to severe stroke, a person can still find ways to communicate and most Alzheimer's sufferers have moments of lucidity. Friends or relatives can help but don't be afraid to just allow your hands to lead you.

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