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Posted by Jeanette Messenger, May 11 2005 11:22AM

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Massage in pregnancy

I have been asked to massage a lady who is trying to get pregnant. I can find scant info in my course notes re the first trimester. Is massage totally contraindicated in the first three months of pregnacy?
Janet Beetham
May 28 2005 11:53AM

Most schools recommend no massage in the first 3 months. However, I have massaged several pregnant clients in the first trimester, except those with a history of miscarriage or other early pregnancy problems. In my experience it has been perfectly OK to massage the upper back, neck and shoulders, but do not massage the sacral/lumbar area as some of the nerves from this area go to the uterus.

Lorraine Wright
Aug 29 2005 9:41PM
if this lady is trying to fall pregant then I would also advise acourse of reflexology, but if the lady is pregant then she is totally contra indicationed until she has had her three month scan and all is well.

lorraine wright.

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