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Posted by Ameeta Sabharwal, Jul 10 2010 10:48AM

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local group co-ordinators - Greater London Region

hello - I am sending this test message to see if it gets to all the Greater London Region local group co-ordinators. do please let me know of it's success.
Giuseppe Tomaselli
Jul 10 2010 12:47PM
Dear Ameeta, yes it woeks. I take this opportunity to let you know that the meeting yesterday went very well. We were 15 in all and I received many textn call and e-mailes of people interested in attending but unable to do so due to the short noticed. However, they will endevour to be there next time. I will be posting the outcome of the meeting in the forum and I will e-mail the same to you all using the fantastic form Annalisa very kindly formatted. Speeek to you soon.
Best regards, Giuseppe. Sorry about any typing error as I am sending this from my Blackberry and the writing is so small that I cannot see what I have typed.
Angela Rawlins
Jul 10 2010 12:56PM
Hi Ameeta

Yes I have received your prompt

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