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Posted by Alison Wood, Nov 8 2005 9:46AM

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Reflexology treatment on ME sufferer

I have been asked to treat an Me sufferer and am just newly qualified and was wondering if anybody could give me advice on specific areas to treat that would be an advantage or any other hints or tips. He also has a slipped disc which is causing a lot of pain.
Susan Dews
Nov 9 2005 9:21AM
I have been treating ME in one of my clients for quite some time with some considerable success. I give a full treatment but with extra emphasis being placed on the central nervous system. Lots of work on brain reflex, neck, shoulder area, adrenals, and all the glands generally. My client has weakness in the legs so I do a lot of work on the spine and outside of the body. I have found a very important part of the treatment is talking and giving them reassurance that they will improve with time and not to be critical of themselves as it is an illness and not all in their mind. My client has to pace herself and not do too much at a time and must incorporate rest periods after any activity. Hope this helps.

Alison Wood
Nov 9 2005 9:28AM
Thank you for your reply, i had my first treatment with the client last night and thay really seemed to enjoy it and are keen to continue with a course of treatments so will try what you have suggested next week.

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