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Posted by John Parham , Nov 20 2005 7:50PM

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Reflexology & Reiki

I would like to hear from anyone who combines Reflexology and Reiki in treatments - and how etc

John Parham Nov 05
Sheila Haigh
Nov 21 2005 2:57PM
Hi John
Presuming the client is OK about receiving Reiki (I wouldn't just "sneak" it in during the session!) then; depending on the duration of the session; a brief way of adding Reiki is to simply Reiki the feet at the end of the Reflex' treatment, intending/projecting the Reiki to go to the entire body where-ever it is needed. If the appointment allows sufficient time, have some wipes to hand (sorry about pun) and, wrapping the feet to keep them warm, go to the client's head to start a short seated treatment.
Hope this helps, Sheila
John Parham
Nov 21 2005 8:33PM
Sheila, Thanks for your swift reply. I usually do a hands-to soles press for a few minutes - in fact I often did that before I got into Reiki. I also find it settles the person at the start of a tmt, espec if she/he is tense. My question was also about what Reiki positions were found to be most beneficial before/after the main Refl. tmt - but I guess that also depends on what ailment etc you might be tapping into. Thanks again, John.
Sheila Haigh
Nov 22 2005 6:20PM
As you say; John; it depends on the ailments, also on the client. A lady I know has 1/2 an hour Reflexology followed by 1/2 hour Reiki, all of which she sits propped-up fully upright. I wouldn't be relaxed or comfortable, but she finds it best for her (I'm only 5'3" and it's quite hard on my arms & shoulders - but she's happy). At the opposite end of the scale, I've done treatments where the client laid completely flat for the whole session, including the reflexology treatment. That looked almost as uncomfortable as the former!
Do you promote combined treatments, or have you found that clients ask for them? Sheila
Teresa Filice
Aug 20 2007 3:33PM
hi just read you question about reiki and reflexology- i always combine the two and find it works a treat. the reflexology rebalances the body while the reiki rebalances the mind and spirit.I do a short reiki by holding the ankles at the end of the reflexology this send the energy up the body and rebalances all the chakras.

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