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2014 Schedule & Next Network Meeting Monday March 24th on TCM Tongue Diagnosis

Complementary Therapists Association
Why do you need CPD points? The programme enables practitioners to keep up-to-date, learn new skills, develop your own professional knowledge and allow a consistency in training throughout the nation. It also, enables you to remain on the CThA Public Register- the public/medical/therapy professionals list of fully insured qualified practitioners and more importantly…it’s a great way to build up your business! Each lecture worth 2CPDpt
VENUE: 34 St Mary’s Walk parallel to Cold Bath Rd., Harrogate HG2 0LS
COST: Members £5, Non-members £6. Nibbles & Light refreshments.
TIMING: 6:30pm-8:30pm SPOTS LIMITED…

DATE: MONDAY March 24TH 2014 LECTURER: Vanessa Greenwood
What Does Your Tongue Say When You’re Not Talking?

What Your Tongue is Telling You About Your Health?
You may not give your tongue much thought, but chances are your doctor does. “Telling a patient to stick out their tongue is a valid way to start examining someone,” says Dr. Jordan S. Josephson, attending physician at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. “In fact, in Chinese medicine they believe that the tongue actually reflects all the diseases of the body.”
White Coating on the Tongue
When the tongue looks sort of white and pasty-in patches or in its entirety-it’s an indication that there is probably some sort of infection present on the tongue, such as a bacterial overgrowth or an autoimmune-related inflammatory disease. One possible cause: thrush, which is an overgrowth of candida also called yeast bacteria.
Thin White Coating on the Tongue & Red Tip – Qi Stagnation
Stressed, tendency to be depressed & upset, unstable emotional state PMT…

DATE: MONDAY June 23rd 2014 LECTURER: ShirleyAnn Nelson
Discover How Eating Certain Tastes Balances Your Body’s Health?

The Action of the Six Tastes on the Ayurveda Body Types
Ayurvedic nutrition literally rests on the tip of your tongue. It is believed the sense of taste is a natural guide-map towards proper nutrition. For ages, humans relied upon taste to discover healthy food in nature and avoid toxicity. Our tastebuds do more than identify tastes; they unlock foods nutritional value and provide the initial spark to the digestive process. It has been said that certain taste groups tend to keep each body type in balance. This interactive cooking class explores the six taste groups and pairs them with recipes. This fun evening is a tasty treat as you not only learn about taste group benefits but will enjoy the end results of your cooking demonstration. Interactive-Cooking demonstration with ShirleyAnn.

DATE: MONDAY SEPT 22nd 2014 LECTURER: ShirleyAnn Nelson
Explore How Animal Totems May Help Guide Aspects of Our Future?

Native American animal totems represent symbols that come into our lives to help guide you. The four animal group overall symbols are based on their habitat. And depending on the animal’s individual characteristics this will give you more specific symbols or guidance:
For example
Bird’s overall symbol is freedom, more specifically magpies indicate you are seeing only in black & white, need to see the shades of gray.
Insects represent patience. Busy as a Bee, need to slow down & smell the roses.

To discover more about the fascinating realm of animal totems, and get a mini reading book now…

DATE: MONDAY Nov 10TH 2014 LECTURER: Elaine Gill
Find out what clothes enhance your personal branding, which positively affects everything you do?

Discover how to dress for your body shape with fashion guru Elaine Gill. Whether you are apple shaped or pear shaped, Elaine will show you how to dress to impress - to look great and feel confident .


Usui Reiki:
Japanese Art of Healing Your Mind, Body & Soul
Reiki-Master-Teacher ShirleyAnn Nelson
Reiki is based on the Ancient Japanese Art of Healing for stress reduction & relaxation. Her unique teachings, marries Japanese traditions of Attunement/Sacred Symbols with Western ideals using Chakra Reflexes, Foodaceuticals & Other Alternative Healing Tools! Discover how heightened Reiki Healing benefits you and how it's techniques can enhance your current therapies? for details call ShirleyAnn 01423 564 781

1. Chakra Balancing Certification - This hands-on workshop uses unique alternative healing techniques to unblock & balance the chakras body energy centres. Learn how the knowledge of chakras helps with your life & health. And how to identify when chakras are out of sync…and understand why headaches or SAD is associated with a blocked crown chakra energy center.
2. Reiki Student Practitioner I Degree - History & Lineage/other Reiki-styles/UK Reiki Code of Ethics, Principles & Practice Standards/Legislation, Regulations & Guidelines/definition of attunement/1st sacred symbol for self-healing/seated treatment/1st initiation/basic hand routine.
3. Reiki Practitioner II Degree -terminology/ailments & psychosomatic symptoms/ contra-actions & indications/healing others/3 sacred symbols/full-hand routines/basic chakra balancing/5 case studies chakra questionnaire/initiation & attunement.
4. Reiki-Master III Degree (Non-teaching) - Subtle Anatomy/Chakra Energies/Exploring Auras & Marma Points/21-Day Clearing Process/Full Treatment using Advanced Chakra Techniques & Aftercare Advice/recommended reading/reflective practice/introduction to non-traditional sacred symbols/attunement 5 sacred symbols.
5. Reiki-Master-Teacher IV Degree - The final initiation to full attunement process is passed on for Reiki-Master to Teach others/in-depth study of all sacred symbols & their multiple-dimensional use/emphasis on how to assess casework aftercare advice.

6. Advance Crystal Workshop: Gem Facial Routine
Unravel the mysteries of Crystal Healing & learn how their origins assists you in their use...Black onyx was first used as a mirror by Cleopatra...Its reflective/absorptive properties allow the user to repel negativity...Were Cleopatra's seductive powers born from her knowledge of Onyx?
½-Day only £30 light lunch/parking... ShirleyAnn 01423 564 781

7. Sylvia Brearley School of Complementary Therapies 01423 505 707
ITEC Diploma in Holistic Massage & ITEC Diploma in Aromatherapy
Thermal Paraffin Wax Spa Treatment Certificate, Sports Massage Diploma both £95

8. Introductory Courses in Complementary & Beauty Therapies Taryna Bradford 07773 326 838
Practical Insight to Alternative Therapies Introduction to Chakra Balancing Holistic Massage Indian Head Massage Manicures, Pedicures Facials Call Taryna

9. Ruth Eagin Courses in the Ancient Art of Acupressure
Avoid disappointment book today 07785 733 874
Level 1 Hands-Free-Zero-Strain Massage £95
Level 2 Advanced Hands-Free-Zero-Strain Massage
Level 1 & 2 Seated-Acupressure Diploma 1 Day Seated-Chair Massage

10. York School of Complementary Medicine
Lecturer Philippa James 07949932808
ITEC Reflexology Diploma 2-Day Advance Reflex ITEC Indian Head Massage Diploma
1-Day Hopi-Ear-Candling Workshop First Aid Course £60

11. Angela Huby Astrology Charting 07835 144 582
Our planetary imprints give your potential character blueprint that you carry throughout your lifetime. Charts created from name, date, time & place of birth.
12. EFT- Emotional Freedom Techniques
Stress & how it affects the body
AAMET accredited training with Martine Moorby
She teaches Endorphin-Effect techniques in a practical way. You’ll learn how to release endorphins; the feel-good hormones in your body, to improve your health at all levels.
Level 1 – Foundations
Level 2 -towards becoming a professional practitioner
A very useful adjunct to either talk or touch therapies, you will further learn how to help you and your clients to release emotions such as frustration, anger, anxiety, sadness, guilt and fear.
Endorphin Effect and EFT workshop
at Harrogate Wellbeing at Lavender Court 15 Montpellier Parade, Harrogate HG1 2TG
For more information Places are limited, to book a place, please
email: or tel: 01423 501368
13. Clare Ray: Reiki/Seichem Levels I, II & Masters
throughout the rest of 2013 in Harrogate. Dates to be arranged. Prospective students can email Clare at
phone me on 01423 505934 Or 07723 059186

14. Julia Waterton Feng Shui Consultant
Life is the endless dance of balance of nature’s forces: i.e. “the five elements” of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal & Water. Book today! 01132 461 824 or

15. Lynn Gregory 01904 787 017 “Head & Boldness: How to De-stress Stress?”
Continual stress undermines a healthy mind, body & soul, which in turn creates more stress. She breaks the vicious cycle, which awakens your brain & energizes your system

16. Vinyasa-Slow Yoga Classes Lisa Leinhardt 07979 690 996
Lisa has trained in the art of Vinyasa-slow Yoga. Her beginner classes help you to develop deep-slow breathing, relaxation & slow stretching/strengthening yoga moves.

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