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Posted by Angela Rawlins, Aug 11 2008 4:30PM

Please do not use forums to advertise courses.

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A Company called MLP Media is using the Embody listing to recruit advertisers for a local pharmacy advertising leaflets.

I know some one who has done this in the past - it does not work in practice
Amanda Clegg
Aug 11 2008 6:04PM
Hi Angela

There seems to be a little rush of these - i'm about to phone my local surgery to check, but I'm 99% sure its a scam - I got caught like this when I first started up about 6 years ago. Mine came from the following.

Registered Address:

Oldroyd Publishing Group Ltd, Keenan's Mill, Lord Street, St Annes-on-Sea, Lancashire, England FY8 2ER

Registered England No. 2033508 VAT Registered No: 604408078

GP Surgeries – Witley and Milford
Angela Rawlins
Aug 11 2008 6:30PM

AVOID THEM LIKE THE PLAGUE!! That is the company I got caught up in for two years. Cost me a LOT of money and got NO clients!

I had a newsletter from another therapy I practice just after I was signed up, saying that she had checked out a few people in the booklet she was given to find none of them had any clients - unfortunately too late for me!

This one isn't a scam as I checked it with the pharmacy, but it doesn't work well because the leaflets are not always placed in the bags or they run out and don't replace them quickly enough.

With the doctors magazines, I found that they didn't realise how much money we had to pay. They were shocked. You get a rushed visit from a rep who spins a tale. I said I would think about it and he said I only had the next day to make a decision - thinking it would be good as it was a doc's practice mag, went ahead to my extreme cost.
Claire Drummond
Jun 23 2017 2:54PM
Just had a call from Olroyd publishing, I had already been caught by leisure medical a few years back and most certainly will not fall for this again, I much prefer my way of advertising and word of mouth. Thanks for the warning :)
Angela Rawlins
Jun 23 2017 10:00PM
Thanks for Shariing Claire, I hadn't realised they're still going!
Moira Buchan
Oct 13 2018 3:14PM
I, too, got caught out with Leisure Medical last year when I had only been in business for a few months. I see they have been doing this for years. Thinking about contacting the other businesses on the cards as well as the GP practice. They are most likely unaware of all the negativity around the company.

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