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Posted by Shirley Ann Nelson, Jan 22 2009 3:48PM

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Upcoming Feb/March 2009 embody Workshops

1. Workshop on “Chakra Balancing: Why Unblock Them? How to detect when they are Imbalanced & How to unblock Chakras?” Friday February 20th
LECTURER: Reiki-Master-Teacher ShirleyAnn Nelson
DESCRIPTION: This one-day workshop in Harrogate, offers a rare opportunity to reveal a comprehensive understanding of chakras and their use in healing the Mind, Body & Soul without formal Reiki Training. Reiki energy acts at an atomic level, causing the body’s molecules to vibrate with higher intensity and thus dissolving energy blockages that lead to dis-ease. ShirleyAnn will simplify the basic principles of Chakra Balancing which gives you alternative tools allowing you to balance your own, family & friends chakras.
- explaining Why you need to unblock/balance Chakras?
- she has designed a questionnaire as a teaching aid which, will allow you to detect when there is an imbalance? Taking the guesswork out, therefore no formal training in Reiki is necessary.
- everything on Earth has a form of vibrational energy. Explore what Mind/Mood Food, Gems, Colour, Burning Essential Oils & Sound balance the chakras? ShirleyAnn has created a Pictorial Colour Poster as an aid, outlining all the information taught in the workshop.
- Foot Chakra Reflexes are included
Buffet Lunch is included in the investment. For more information ShirleyAnn 01423 564 781.

Half-Day Workshop on “Meeting your Angels”
LECTURER: Pippa Watt York School of Complementary Medicine
DESCRIPTION: Pippa will be holding a Angel workshop on Angels and Ascension. Pippa has a warm approach to bringing you closer to “Meeting your Angels” by carefully blending meditation with Angel-based activities. The deep relaxation derived from the meditation is used for spiritual & physical releasing. This allows the body to do its own healing which unblocks stress creating a sense of well-being. Pippa on 01347 848 154

DATE: Saturday, March 7th, 2009 10a-4:30pm
“Feng Shui or the Art of Placement: How you can learn to balance your own & friends homes?
LECTURER: Caroline Hetherton
LECTURE DESCRIPTION: Feng Shui is the 3000-year-old method harnessing nature’s positive energy through the art of arranging living and workspace. This is energy channelled to create harmony and balance in our living spaces to bring physical and spiritual benefits. The effects seek to harmonize life energy within rooms/buildings encompass your self-expression, career, relationships, prosperity & well-being. The philosophy is based on the belief that man is the link between heaven & earth and that all things in the universe are connected to one another. Life on Earth is the endless dance of balance of nature’s forces: that is “the five elements” of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. Caroline will discuss the basic principles Feng Shui, how you can do it for yourself. 6 spaces left book now ShirleyAnn 01423 564 781

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