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Posted by Shirley Ann Nelson, May 5 2011 5:08PM

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Body Talk Classes details attached

Easy self help
Learn in a day - use for life!

Sheffield & Ilkley in Yorkhire and The Wirral


Dates and venues:

Sheffield, Yorkshire:
Saturday 21st May
Breathe Pilates Ctr
85 Clarkhouse Road
Sheffield S10 2LG
Early bird deadline 7th May!

Ilkley, Yorkshire:
Sunday 12th June
The Hapiness Centre
32a Leeds Rd, Ilkley

Wirral by Liverpool:
Saturday 23rd July
Hyperbaric Medicine
Unit by Murrayfield Hospital, Heswall Wirral CH61 1AU

Daily times:
9am - 5:30pm


Charlotte Nielsen


New students
Full fee £100
Earlybird £80 when booked and paid in full two weeks before the class

Monitors (repeating)
IBA members: 25%
Non members 50%
of the cost above

Enjoy learning with a friend:




- Simply contact the coordinator and mention you received this email and who your friends are. Make sure you all register online the same day.

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The wellness routine presented in BodyTalk Access helps to re-
establish internal lines of communication within the bodymind. This
ultimately helps the individual have more resiliency towards stress
and any other factors that can be detrimental to long term health.
The Access routine is designed to be practiced as a complete set
and can be done once a day or more depending on need.

The first two techniques balance the brain, so that the brain is
turned on and communicating appropriately. The next two
techniques balance the hydration and metabolic processes of the
body and the entire immune system, helping the body be more
resilient to stress and external forces, such as germs and viruses.
The final technique helps to balance posture and the physical
structure of the body, thus improving range-of-motion, flexibility
and overall coordination of the muscles, tendons and ligaments.

The Fast Aid routine combines two of the above techniques to
assist in helping the body recover from all sorts of minor to major
injuries by shifting the body out of a state of shock and trauma back
into the growth and healing mode. Fast Aid is highly flexible,
incredibly fast and can be used anytime or place to assist in the
recovery from injuries and trauma.

Learn in One Day, Use for a Lifetime
BodyTalk Access is designed to be used by anyone: layperson,
family member, care giver or healthcare provider alike. These five
simple techniques can bring about a significant improvement in
health and once learned in the one-day Access class, they can be
implemented in less than 10 minutes. You will have these powerful
tools for health for the rest of your life.

It is our hope that BodyTalk Access will be able to provide a basic
level of health maintenance in communities and countries around
the world where good healthcare may not be readily available. It is
also our hope to reach families and give them options to take their
health back into their own hands, literally.

Register online:

Link to Sheffield class Book by the 7th May for earlybird price

Link to Ilkley class

Link to Wirral class

Or contact coordinators:

Sheffield: Lee Miller 07860 777100

Ilkley: Marie Jowett 07714 721961

Wirral: Mark Davies 07734 934003


None - a class for absolutely everyone


"It was excellent. Very comprehensive and not at all daunting. I learnt a lot in just one day, and have learned skills that I feel able to use and practice"

"Excellent. Superbly organised and tutor explained all thoroughly and in an

easily understandable way. It also made it a hugely interesting day. Thank you"

"One of the best courses I have attended. Kept in simple and understandable"

"Great way to spend my Saturday, and a valuable tool for the rest of my life"

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