Encyclopedia of Hair Removal

A complete Reference to Methods, Techniques and Career Opportunities.

Learning hair removal is made fun, fresh and easier than ever with this complete reference to all hair removal methods and techniques. Full colour step-by-step photographs take you through every key skill-from waxing to electrolisis and laser- while loads od special learning features make this your complete hair removal guide. As the only guide endorsed by Habia, the Encyclopedia of Hair Removal brings together all of the latest industry technology, methods and experience to take your hair removal skills to the next level.

Only this break through hair removal reference gives you:

-An encyclopedic understanding of every single key topic, including:

-Hair Removal methods, waxing, sugaring, threading, electrolysis, laser/IPL

-Anatomy and Physiology

-Understanding hair growth

-Careers and earning potential

-Client Care

-Health and Safety

*The ability to check your progress with questions and activities at the end of each chapter

*Special learning features to help master key techniques, including learning objectives, tip boxes, equipment lists, health and safety boxes and clear diagrams.

*The very latest tehniques and knowledge to match all major qualifications (including current Level 2,3 and 4 standards) making it ideal for all NVQ and BTEC courses.

*Dedicated further knowledge sections containing more advanced material for practitioners and those who want to find out more.

*Content authorised by Habia- the industry authority- and drawing on all of the skills and experience of two widely recognised hair removal experts.


Authors: Gill Morris & Janice Brown

Publisher: Thomson Learning

ISBN: 9781844802661

Price: £29.99