C1368 Rebozo for Birth & Bodywork Professionals

Course Description

The Rebozo workshop is divided into 2 half day courses. The first is for Birthing Professionals to support women during pregnancy, labour and postpartum. The second is for bodyworkers; learning Rebozo techniques that can be implemented into any therapy session. The Rebozo is a Mexican shawl, and can be used to gently sway, rock and release tension held in the body. The Rebozo is also used to wrap and nurture the clients; focusing on centring, grounding and connecting their energy.

Course Pre-Requisites

All participants must have a L3 A&P & Massage or experience in the following Health Care, (Nurses, Health Visitors & Midwives


Fertility Massage Therapy

Venues / Dates

West Mersea


1 day