C1404 Towards Natural Childbirth and Beyond – Neuroendocrine responses to massage during pregnancy and childbirth Basic Course Part 1 plus Trainers Course

Course Description

The course covers the dynamic processes of late pregnancy and labour; safety issues when performing massage during pregnancy and the research base that informs practice of the Programme during pregnancy and labour. The aim is to teach women and their birth partners a non-pharmacological coping strategy to use during late pregnancy, labour and birth. The birth partner becomes competent at massage practice during pregnancy which enables him to become a trusted companion during labour and competent to assist the midwife/doula.

Course Pre-Requisites

A recognised qualification in A&P and Massage Level 3 - Ideally therapists need to work with pregnant women and have already attended a pregnancy course


Childbirth Essentials®

Venues / Dates



32 hours over 4 days - Basic course