C1431 Certificate in Teaching Toddler Yoga

Course Description

What is Toddler Yoga? Toddler Yoga is one of the easiest and most pleasant methods of providing early positive interaction through bonding, trust and relief. Toddler Yoga incorporates gentle movements, massage and breathing exercises. The benefits of toddler yoga A ten minutes of yoga, two or three times a week may help make more confident adult-infant relationships, toddlers love it and it can help alleviate toddler tantrums and aid communication. Why learn to teach toddler yoga? Becoming a toddler yoga instructor can be used to expand your current role as a great follow on to toddler massage or business or help you begin a new one. Working as a toddler yoga instructor can be flexible with hours, you can be your own boss and over all it can be incredible rewarding see the fantastic benefits to toddlers and their parents/ carers Aim: To provide practitioners with the knowledge and teaching ability to safely and effectively deliver toddler yoga sessions and courses in a variety

Course Pre-Requisites

All participants must have previous qualifications/ experience in one of the following: toddler massage instructors, health professionals, yoga instructors, early years workers, child care professionals, experience of working with toddlers (12 months – 3 years)


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Venues / Dates

Holiday Inn West - Manchester Mancheter Feb 2 2019
Holiday Inn West - Manchester Manchester May 11 2019
Premier Inn - Birmingham Birmingham Mar 16 2019
Premier Inn - London Victoria London Jan 26 2019, May 11 2019


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