C1555 Heartfulness Healing

Course Description

This course uses mindfulness, values and insight to unfold your creative intuitive intelligence and enhance your resilience and emotional intelligence whilst reducing stress and addictive ways of living. It offers a road map for authentic and successful living in all areas of your life and the lives of those you manage or coach by: This is an excellent training for developing the positive psychology of healthcare and well-being through directly accessing the mind body and brain/heart connection. We teach (covered in a 7 week training programme) the main challenges of unsupportive thinking and how to promote relaxation, tap into intuition and aid well-being by releasing tension to increase happiness and contentment. Exploring how to create a good foundation for health and well-being by tapping into your bio chemistry to self soothe and release oxytocin. Stimulate the brain/heart to elicit positive triggers and actively strengthen the brains/hearts pathways toward happiness.

Course Pre-Requisites

Have completed the Relaxation, Meditation and Mindfulness course, work holistically in the field of well-being, yoga teachers, massage therapists, energy healing etc., or have acceptable qualifications, in related areas e.g. health professionals, alternative health professionals and those working in the field of physical, mental or emotional well-being. Or be able to demonstrate that their accumulated knowledge and skills is equal to the requirements of the above.



Venues / Dates



3 days