C925 Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Course Description

For centuries the ancient art of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage has been used as a powerful tool for maintaining a healthy way of life. The strokes are long and flowing, using forearms and elbows, and giving the feeling of many hands on the body at once. Each day you will learn new exercises and massage techniques designed to harness the power of the elements earth, air, water and fire. This massage is profoundly relaxing, creating a deep trance state to allow the receiver to identify and dissolve limiting beliefs that cause illness in the body. You Will Learn: -The history and philosophy surrounding this work including the practice of ho'oponopono, and it's role in healing. - Breath and movement exercises to activate your energy potential. - Basic and advanced Lomi Lomi massage techniques including a full body routine with stretching and range of motion techniques. - Techniques to open joint spaces and move fluids through the body in their natural rhythm. - Massage techniques

Course Pre-Requisites

Qualification Level 3 Anatomy & Physiology and massage.


Carrie Rowell
1-808-936-6698 US

Venues / Dates

Bancroft School of massage worcester Jun 13 2019
Camp Mokuleia Haleiwa Sep 2 2019
Goddess Hall Glastonbury Jul 15 2019
Kawai Purapura Auckland Mar 21 2019
Mosgiel Hostic Centre Mosgiel Mar 9 2019
Nadi Wellness Remarkables Park Queenstown Mar 14 2019
Vita De Lux copenhagen Jun 24 2019
Well For Life Sydney Apr 4 2019


4 days