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Posted by Victoria Thompson, May 9 2011 8:33PM

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slipped disc

I have a new client with a slipped disc and sciatica who has had two pregnancies very close together and has been using a walking stick until recently. I will be using massage techniques to relax the area and to relieve the sciatica but wondered if anyone knows of any specific techniques which could be used ? Many thanks
Amanda Clegg
May 9 2011 9:10PM
I think on this one it would be good to liaise with her physio/gp as presumably she's had some medical input/diagnosis for the slipped disc.
Carla Hanreck
May 9 2011 9:21PM
Check with her midwife about Pubis symphisis - where the relaxin in the body creates the pubic bones to relax too much and can create terrible problems, in which case NO physical exercise is advised and research if any massage is good idea. If this is not a problem, then I would say all skeletal problems are caused firstly by muscle imbalance. See which side the slipped disc is and look to release the muscles above the area right up as far as the rib cage and the hamstrings on the same side. Bowen technique is excellent for releasing muscles gently. Diet - check water intake as lower back ache can have impications for or as a result of kidneys. Is she drinking a lot of orange juice - this can be too acidic. Fear - was there a lot of fear around the pregnancy/birth? fear affects the kidneys (look to shiatsu/accupuncture here. were the birth's traumatic? muscles can lock as a safety measure, and in so doing in the pain can be locked in.
after two children, any `me' time she has with you where you are a calm space of support will do wonders.
best of luck
Nicki Lee
May 9 2011 9:41PM
Hi Victoria,
This is a hard question specifically to answer without a lot more detail about the client history and injury. Lots of good advice so far, and I would just add that a fantastic resource I often recommend is the book 'A Massage Therapist's Guide to Pathology' by Ruth Werner. She discusses in detail many contraindications and cautions and gives excellent specific A&P information as well that will help you make informed decisions about treatment.
Good luck with your client, and I'm sure she will benefit from massage.
Caz Sayles
Jun 7 2011 9:45AM
Hi Nikki,
I saw your post on another forum regarding this book. It's funny because only the other day I was thinking I wished there was a book to help with deciding when massage is or isn't a good idea...!!
I have just ordered a used one from amazon for £7.20 including postage. can't wait to read it...:))
Thanks for your advice
Ruben Dogliani
Oct 25 2011 11:29AM
Massage the piriformis muscle with your elbows, be gentle at first, keep a sustained rythm and hold on the area applying good pressure. Then move around her illium crest and do circles with your fingers, youll find knots tyere, do not leave marks! Then do cross friction in the area where the bulged disk is. Try to stretch the spine by pulling her legs on supine position. Tell her not to do jerk movements, specially when she'll leave the couch.

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