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School of Life and Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing courses - last ones in Scotland this year

It's your last chance this year in Scotland to grab a wonderful opportunity to truly enhance your life - School of Life 6 day course (optional 3 days available) and Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing.

There is so much more to experience than talking and learning, so much more for you to see within yourself than you ever thought was there.

Please note that concessionary rates and payment by instalment options are available on all courses - please contact Joy for further details. email: or call 01691-718698

School of Life 6 day course £575 (optional 3 day slot)
Sat 14 to Thurs 19 May - CDP Approved by AoR.

Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing - 2 day workshops £165. One or two reviews available to those already trained.
Sat 21 & Sun 22 May (weekend)

Venue:- Enchanted Realm (Tirnanog), Balfunning Stables, Glasgow, G63 0NF Tel: 01360 449 300

School of Life
Through the unique workshop of School of Life (SoL) Joy has been teaching the impacts from other lives and we look at releasing old emotional patterns and behaviour from promises and vows during course time. We learn how behaviour and mind patterns occur. Teach how to clear and avoid the pitfalls in life and learn the rules of the game. How to maintain our body and avoid health disorders, explaining how and why we become ill. We look at all areas where blockages occur and what needs adjusting. This is for all individuals - not just for practitioners of therapies.
During SoL you are connected to your higher senses to ensure perception and intuition at a new level, which helps us on a daily basis as well as clearing negative behaviour patterns and weak connections on a spiritual level.
Emotional baggage is mostly the core of all illness and in SoL we teach how to move out of the see-saw of emotion and clear on a daily basis.
“Through experience I have learnt that what we do today will create our future and what happened in our past is what we are experiencing today. This is our virtual reality.”
In SoL we teach you the rules of the game and how to ‘get your life back’ to full potential, which opens doors and clears space for new to come in. How can we move forward and invite new into our lives when there is no room to move? Joy finds that individuals are so overloaded from the past and in SoL we show you how to clear out the old and invite the new in.
We fragment when we are in shock or emotionally traumatised, and leave parts of our essential self, we feel disjointed and out of touch with whom we truly are. In SoL, we help to put you back together with skills and tools for use on a daily basis. Find out how to remove the baggage and patterns blocking you today and make your future bright with SoL. During course time we look at how we accumulate mental and emotional baggage, open to the real connection to the heart and the workshop is devised to help you to clear and cleanse the past.
Because we carry much of our past within us, it can overshadow and dilute the path of this life. Isn’t it time you shed the load, once and for all, and start living more of your true potential? Instead of carrying forward and compounding the problems and patterns that can be at a Soul Level. Isn’t it time you ‘Get your life back’ and help others to do so by looking outside the box?
School of life is a personal development and practitioners tool to put ‘U’ back into the Soul. Taught as a 2 x 3 day or 6-day interactive workshop. Gives the individual or practitioner further insights on how to look outside the box of physical and emotional disorders.
“ I have learnt so much over the last 6 days. I believed that by changing my diet to raw it helped me to overcome emotional issues and barriers, I did not realise I held past mental and emotional baggage still at play. It has been transformational, I can feel my heart, breath deeper and my gut feels clear and free. Each day I felt different, as I connected to another level of myself, I would recommend SoL to anyone.” Andrew 02.2010
‘Since the Sol course I feel inner peace, I am happy and content’ KT 2010.
‘The SoL course changed my life, it opened me to my gifts and wondrous skills denied to me over lifetimes’ June 2009
"With compassionate guidance and deeply healing meditation sessions, this intensive course provided such a clearing of the soul, a lightening of the load. It provided me with a deeper understanding of why we experience this life as we do; I have a vastly deeper understanding of my ‘self’ and a renewed enthusiasm for life. I know this will assist my clients tremendously and I recommend this workshop to anyone looking to expand their self awareness, as Joy shares her knowledge, wisdom and experience freely in a way which bonds your inner knowing together. A soul 'enlightening' experience. Awesome! Thank you. My heart has begun to sing once again. " April 2010

We all have a choice. It is the choices made, that affects humanity.
Allonus Journey of Life programmes, offers you the way forward to challenge old paradigms and patterns that no longer serve you. “To Get your Life Back”

Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing
The word has been growing about Diamond Inguz LiGHt Healing. A brand new healing modality, a gentle male energy, which is Loving and supporting, brought in by the Divine Feminine and Masters of LiGHt. A unique energy - working with Cosmic Energy and Sacred HeARt that aligns with our angelic connection from within. Back in 2005 (when channelled by Ronna) Archangel Michael mentioned us connecting back to our Diamond core and our Angelic self. The launch of DILH heralded the call for the Angelic beings to come forward and align with the new energies of Diamond LiGHt, to awaken and join in with their roles for the awakening of humanity, to be the LiGht bearers of the new consciousness.
Pay via Paypal for an easy option via the web site

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