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Posted by Lorena Rodriguez, May 11 2011 5:23PM

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reflexology and epilepsy

Hi all!, I am working in a clinic with disable people, I have a patient who has epilepsy, even though is contraindicated in reflexology, I actually find very beneficial for this person who relaxes during the whole treatment, i do a very very light treatment. I just wonder if anybody could give me more information about it or if you have experience in this field.

thanks everybody

regards, lorena
Angela Rawlins
May 11 2011 5:31PM
Hi Lorena

I would ask the person 1) When the last seizure was 2) do they take drugs 3)are they stable

I did a Health and Well Being show for my local Uni and was slightly concerned when I had two people come to me in the first day for a taster treatment. I asked them the above questions to make sure that I knew their condition so I could make a decision whether to treat or not. I didn't want them to have a seizure!

WEll, I always get new and interesting conditions presented to me, every thing went ok. One person hadn't had a seizure for years and the other well controlled and hadn't had one for a long time.

Just satisfy your self. Also if they are going to have regular treatment, they should consult their GP and tell them.
Lorena Rodriguez
May 11 2011 5:40PM
thanks Angela, your answer helped me a lot. ill ask my patient more about his condition...

best luck,

Barbara Lewis
May 11 2011 6:03PM
i agreewith angela but also i tell my students to be sure they are confident in dealing with a seizure check with carers or client what to do and what are the signs or make sure some other responsible person is there - if you are not confident dont treat.
i treated a very unstable boy with mulitple health issues for several years and reflexology seemed to limit the number of seizures and severity however his mother was always present but i did get to recognise signs of an impending seizure

good luck
Amanda Clegg
May 11 2011 6:15PM
Moot point, Barbara - we should all have an up to date first aid certificate, and good courses should include how to cope with seizures. If you are working with disabled people check that the carers (who should probably be in attendance or within a shout) have done an epilepsy awarenss and care course - and this should have included how to administer emergency meds (they use buccal midazolan now, rather than rectal) For more info on courses including First Aid see

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