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Posted by Urvashi Patel, May 13 2011 2:44PM

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I have restarted Reflexology and have found that I get pain in my hand,thumb and arm. Could anyone out there advise how I can manage this.
Also are there any refresher courses to update you on Reflexology? I am still going by what I was taught 3 Years ago and feel I needfurther help on specific areas.
Deborah Wright
May 13 2011 3:28PM
Hello Urvashi,

The Central London College of Reflexology offer refresher courses and other CPD reflexology courses.
The Association of Reflexologists have a list of courses.I think CThA have a list under Education.
Im sorry i cant help with the pain you are getting. Ive only been qualified 4 years myself. There are some very knowledgable ladies who give replies, so im sure you will get the help you need.

Kind Regards
Angela Rawlins
May 13 2011 5:57PM

You must do warm up exercises to stretch the tendons, muscles in your hands and wrists. Also get a 'Power Ball' it is a Gyroscope ball that exercises the wrists and arms. Brilliant! I sorted my elbow problem with it AND it strengthens:)) Look on Amazon


Angela Rawlins
May 13 2011 5:58PM
PS Check your posture. Also what can help is an advanced Reflexology course with Tony Porter:))
Urvashi Patel
May 14 2011 12:28PM
thanks for the replys. Just been checking out the Aor courses. Looks like just the thing. Do you belong to a specialised Reflexology group or just Ctha,as I feel there is limited information on Reflexology.
Angelina Kelly
May 17 2011 12:19PM

I'm a full-time reflexologist and, like you, at first I had the same problems with my hands until I developed whole hand reflexology. What I mean by that is not just using thumbs and first finger but also using all ten fingers, wrists, knuckles (very gently), palms and fronts, in other words, all of my hands. I find this helps me, eases the pain and allows me to work more. Also I find the Elastoplast Wrist Supports (available in Boots) fantastic, they are completely adjustable and give the wrists and hands a great rest. ThermaCare also do a heated wrist wrap which is fantastic when you are not working.

Hope this helps.

Urvashi Patel
May 19 2011 8:26AM
Thanks everybody will try out the tips.
Angela Rawlins
May 24 2011 5:28PM
I also belong to the Association of Reflexologists because I wanted more courses and information on reflexology. If you join, can you mention that I recommended you:))
Urvashi Patel
May 25 2011 8:02AM
Thanks,looks like I need a first aid cert. to join Aor. I have done the Itec Diploma not sure weather i qualify to join them.
Angela Rawlins
May 25 2011 7:07PM
Ring up and ask. I did ITEC Anat & Phys and Reflexology. Would be worth up grading your knowledge if needed
Urvashi Patel
May 26 2011 12:11PM
Thanks for taking time to reply.

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