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Posted by Tania Chew, May 16 2011 7:35PM

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Reflexology & Slipped Disc treatment

Hi, I have a new lady wanting me to treat her for the first time with reflexology. She has in the past been to pain department in NHS, has had physio. But she admits to not keeping anything up. She has tried pilates to strengthen core muscles, but she said she didnt feel comfident in the teacher at that time. She would love to try reflexology. Is there any dos and donts. I am a new therapist to this and hence why I am asking.
Cameron Reid
Jun 13 2011 4:22PM
Dear Tania, First thing to establish is does she have a slipped disc. If not, there is no reason why you should not treat her.Maybe set a target with the number of treatments you give her say 4 and see how these have helped her. If so carry on periodically and advise her accordingly with home measures. Hope this helps, Cameron Reid

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