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Posted by Renata Emilia Koziel, May 17 2011 2:27PM

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postcards desinged

hi my name is renata and i am in a need of to desinged a postcards, but guys i need a little bit help from you because i am not quiet sure what else should be found on the postcards except what kind of treatment i have in offer and what are they about, my contact details and full name.? can anybody of you who ever came across do ing them for itself or anybody who now what the should be about please help me.
Many thanks renata
Amanda Clegg
May 17 2011 3:22PM
I see that your English is not great yet - I really would advise getting some professional help as the wording of your cards is vital to create a good impression. Please try - they are a really great little company, very reasonable rates, and will do stuff over the phone/email if you aren't in their area.

Good luck
Sue Hannaford
May 17 2011 4:11PM
Hi there. It also depends on whether you mean postcards or business cards - you can fit more info on a postcard!!
Elizabeth Rabone
May 21 2011 1:06PM
Hi Renata
Before I trained as a complementary therapist, I worked in publishing (my partner still does); if you'd like your cards edited and designed, please email me on to discuss terms. (Same goes for anyone else who'd like help with cards, leaflets etc)
Best wishes,
Sue Hannaford
May 21 2011 1:22PM
Vistaprint are good value if you get the offers ie free with paid for delivery.
Amanda Clegg
May 21 2011 1:26PM
yes, vista print very competitive and quite nice quality, but you are entirely responsible for the content!
Sue Hannaford
May 21 2011 1:32PM
Very true! I have spotted typos once I've ordered in the past. Been using them for about 12 years so should know better!
Elizabeth Rabone
May 29 2011 9:06PM
Hi Susan, isn't it strange how the typos are always more obvious once you've had the printing done than they ever were during preparation and production!

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