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Posted by Giuseppe Tomaselli, Jun 2 2011 6:18PM

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Minutes of Meeting 20th of May 2011

Dear Members,
It was amazing to see so many Members and non-members, who attended our meeting on Friday the 20th of May. We had well over 25 people.
Both speakers, Lesley Woollard and Terrie Hopkins, dealt with subjects of great interest (Aromatherapy and client injury assessment and correct treatment to apply).
We all agreed that not only they are great speakers but also great teachers of the subjects involved so much so that I had to stop the meeting when we went 30 minutes over the time we had booked the room for. It was amazing the number of questions everybody had.
They certainly inspired me to attend their classes at the adult education college in Branpton Road, Bexleyheath (Aromatherapy) and Alma Road, Sidcup (client injury assessment).
A member also enquired about the named testimonial part of art. 26 of the CThA code of conduct which states:
Advertising must be dignified in tone and shall not contain named testimonials or claim to cure any disease etc. It shall be confined to drawing attention to the therapy available, the qualifications of the member and offer a general service together with necessary details.
As yet I have not received a reply from CThA Head Office. I will keep asking!!
Some members also asked about the next ‘Try A Therapy’ event. I am trying to find a local paper who would advertise the event for free but, more importantly, free premises as it will be for a local charity.
The next meeting will be on Friday the 8th of July. The location is yet to be decided.
I have invited a very successful accountant to answer any question you have about taxation, the different type of companies etc and the manager of Tui Waxes and Balms to present his products and to tell us about their benefits and uses.
I hope to see even more of you at our next meeting.

Please ensure that you leet me know if you intend to attend so that I can book a bi enough room

Best regards,

Lesley Woollard
Jun 2 2011 8:01PM
Hi Giuseppe,

I'm not sure I will be able to attend the next meeting as this is the day my son flies off to
Zambia. If I can get there I will.

Lesley Woollard
Judith Quin
Jun 3 2011 9:08AM
If I'm not at the UK F1 Grand Prix I'll be at the meeting!

Sounds like a missed a good one a couple of weeks ago, that's what you get for having to work in Milton Keynes for the day!

Best, Judith
Sarah Chandler
Jun 3 2011 9:21AM
Hiya, it looks like the last meeting was interesting.
Book me in for 8th July meeting - looking forward to see you all again.
Brenda Moses
Jun 5 2011 3:25PM
Hi Giseppe,

Thanks for the Report on the last meeting. Sorry I could not attend, my loss.

I look forward to attending the next on the 8th July 2011.

Adelina Maria Rebelo Ventura
Jun 6 2011 11:04PM
Hi Giseppe,
I'will attend the next meeting.

adelina Ventura
Antoni Luczak
Jun 14 2011 10:08PM
Hi Giuseppe,

Count me in...
Giuseppe Tomaselli
Jun 14 2011 10:28PM
Dear Members,

I have now got a reply from CThA about article 26.

It is ok to have a testimonial on the web site as long as there is not an identifying address. Therefore, you could have for instance, their first name and initial of their surname with the area/town where they leave.

The CThA will be changing the wording on their article so to make it more clear.

I hope this is of some help.

Best regards,

Giuseppe Tomaselli
Jun 14 2011 10:34PM
Dear Members,

Please, if possible, let me know the questions for the accountant before the meeting as I believe there could be too many and some may have to be answered on this forum, whilst others could be formatted so to have a more unified answer.

Best regards,

Michelle McFarlane
Jun 22 2011 12:44PM
Hi Guiseppe

Yes, I will be able to attend the next meeting.
See you all there.
Kind regards
Michelle McFarlane
Karen Ferguson
Jun 29 2011 2:25PM
Unfortunately I'm unable to attend as I'm massaging at a Festival that weekend!
Giuseppe Tomaselli
Jun 29 2011 10:14PM
Dear Members,

Please note that due to unforseen circumstances, the next meeting will be on Friday the 22nd of July.

Sorry for any inconvenience.

Best regards,

Giuseppe Tomaselli
Jul 1 2011 10:28PM
Dear Members,

The next North Kent and South East London Meeting is confirmed for Friday the 22nd of July from 19.00 till 21.00.

The meeting is at The Children of Christ coffee shop the address is 112 Bellegrove Road Welling Kent DA16 3QD. Please note that the car navigation system will take you much further down the road. The shop is at the corner with Ruskin Avenue by a zebra crossing. You can park on surrounding streets.

The speakers will be

Rangit Gill – he is an account and auditor with many years of experience on taxations and should be able to answer all of your tax queries from what can you claim against expenses to what type of business should you be or if to be registered for VAT and so on.

Andy from Songbirds natural – he will be presenting his products, which are used by many therapists with great results, and will answer any question on their suitability for aromatherapy and other treatments.

Looking forward to seeing you all and please remember to let me know if you are able to attend or not. Also, remember that our meetings are open to members from other areas and not CThA members.

As always, you will be entitled to two CPD points.

Best regards,


CThA Area Coordinator

North Kent and South East London

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