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Posted Jun 4 2011 1:35PM

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Hello there.. Im training to become a holistic therapist and am a crrent member of CTHA.. But for one of my case studies I have a client who has undergone Botox on and around the Procerus muscle and the edge of the orbicularis oculi arrears, can you tell me if I have to leave out the whole face of massage or just around these areas. and where I would get some informaion to print off for my file and client.

Many thanks

Dawn Spragg
Jun 6 2011 9:30PM

I teach ITEC and I’m quoting what I teach to my Beauty Therapy and Massage students

Not to treat clients who have received Botox/ dermal fillers (1 week following treatment)

I also advise my student to get written authorisation from the practitioner who supplied the Botox or dermal filler giving their recommendations so you are fully covered, hope this assists

God bless and good luck

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