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Posted by Julie Parkes, Mar 17 2006 9:33AM

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New Member Question - CThA on leaflets


I'm a new member and am just producing my brochures. When I list my qualifications after my name, can I put CThA? What do people do? I used to list things like MAR (Reg'd), MIIR (Reg'd), MICHT etc.

Do we have approval to use the CThA logo on marketing material?

Thanks for your help,

Julie Parkes
Mar 17 2006 12:35PM
I think I'm right in saying it is ok to put 'An Embody Professional'?
Catherine McMillan
Mar 17 2006 1:58PM
Thus topic was in the Embody Professional Magazine and if I remember rightly you can put MCThA after your name ie Member Complementary Therapists Association.

Are you doing your leflets yourself?
Julie Parkes
Mar 17 2006 7:27PM
Yes, just designing them at the moment! Website and business cards next on the agenda!
Catherine McMillan
Mar 19 2006 8:04PM
Let me know if you need someone for your website or business cards, I can recommend,

Best wises
Julie Parkes
Mar 19 2006 9:02PM
Many thanks. I've done my own website, but would be interested in a contact for business cards, as having shopped around, the prices vary considerably!
Catherine McMillan
Mar 20 2006 10:10AM
You can get free business cards at - you just pay postage or if your feeling adventurous you can design your own online. Or for the traditional approach just let me know I can recommend a printer.

PS Would you like to place a link from your site to mine? You can earn 10% commission. Have a look at our links page (at the botton)for full details
Kelly Bentley
May 9 2006 9:56PM
Hi Julie,
I use vistaprint myself for business cards, labels & letterheads. They are very cost effective (compared to local companies in my area)and delivery is reasonable and fairly quick.

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