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Posted Jun 9 2011 11:19PM

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Treating children

We have been running our own wellbeing centre for the past 6 months with great success. Mainly holistic therapies, hypnotherapy, accupuncture etc But we are being asked more frequently about treating our clients children (ages ranging between 5-16). We are not really sure whether there is an age limit or if in fact this is legal? Please can you clarify this and tell us what we need to do or obtain (i.e. insurance and CRB checks)

Many thanks
Amanda Clegg
Jun 13 2011 7:15PM
You would need the parents to sign a consent form, and to be present with their child at all times.

I don't know that a CRB check is legally required, as you are not in sole charge, nor are you in regular contact, not will you be alone with the child, and the CRB check system is in a bit of a muddle at the moment.

Good luck

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