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Posted by Deborah Sheppard, Jun 16 2011 1:55PM

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Massage during pregnancy


I completed my level 3 diploma in Body Massage last year and have been attending some short courses since then, as I am keen to learn as many therapies / techniques as I can. I would appreciate some advice from some more experienced therapists please!

I have attended a pregnancy massage course and am now insured to carry out treatments on pregnant clients. My query is- should therapists always request a letter from the client's GP / midwife, even if they are not suffering from any complications, or anything that is a contraindication?

The reason I ask is there is a paragraph in the manual given to me by the company I did the training with, stating that the FHT say that we should- but this wasn't mentioned during the course. I have 'googled' this but can't find anything anywhere that says that we should- provided, of course, that the client has a clean bill of health.

All advice will be gratefully received!
Cameron Reid
Jun 16 2011 5:55PM
Dear Deborah,
I would inform the GP or mid-wife that you are massaging one of their expectant mothers as a matter of course. If the expectant mother has very high blood pressure I would inform the GP first before starting. Otherwise make sure the mother to be is fit and well and then no reason not to massage them. One thing I would take care of is the position they are in when you massage them. Hope this helps. Cameron Reid
Deborah Sheppard
Jun 16 2011 9:11PM
Thanks Cameron. I have my pregnant clients lying on their sides, supported by plenty of pillows.Actually, it's such a comfy position that some of my non-pregnant clients prefer it now, too!

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