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Posted by Gillian Hunter, Jun 17 2011 10:15PM

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Reflexology Query

Could anyone advise me? I am studying for an ITEC Diploma in Reflexology, I have been carrying out case studies which appeared to be making perfect sense, then a associate turned up who did not respond at all, in that she had no reactions anywhere on her foot. Could anyone tell me what I did wrong?

Many thanks
Amanda Clegg
Jun 18 2011 12:08AM
I'm not a reflexologist, but would also be fascinated to know why. Haveyou posted this in the Discussion of Treatments section?
Gillian Hunter
Jun 18 2011 9:24AM
Thanks will do that now.
Angela Rawlins
Jun 19 2011 9:34AM
Hi Gillian

Is she quite healthy? She may be quite well balanced and therefore no reactions, ie discomforts or crystals. OR - you are her friend and she might not want you to know her secrets:)) Some times people can be guarded as a person:) I've been a reflexologist since 1997 and also attended foot reading course.

Only you will know how your friend is:) Does she share things with you and if so only what she wants to?
Angelina Kelly
Jun 21 2011 3:27PM
Hi Gillian,

I've been a Reflexologist for 17 years and there are a few possibles here. Perhaps you did not use enough pressure to receive a response, often as a student you don't. She could of course be a healthy person with no problems. She could be excellent at hiding things or she could be on medication that would mask any reaction.

At this stage I suggest that you don't worry or fret, you are still a student afterall. I also suggest that you discuss this with your trainer and see what pearls of wisdom can be imparted. Either way it is all part of the learning process. It's not always necessary to receive a response in order to gain the benefits. Simply having the treatment has helped in it's own way, the response may come later if appropriate.

Hope this helps.


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