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Posted by Gillian Hunter, Jun 18 2011 9:30AM

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reflexology advice

Please can anyone help me. I am studying for an ITEC diploma in reflexology. I have been carrying out my case studies and they were making sense. However, an associate had no reactions at all on either foot. Could anyone tell me what I did wrong?
Many thanks
Deborah Wright
Jun 18 2011 7:23PM
Hi Gillian,
I havent experienced this before but i doubt you are doing anything wrong.
I would give another treatment maybe use slightly more pressure. Make sure you mention this in your case study notes. Mention it to your tutor they may be able explain.

Good Luck
Gillian Hunter
Jun 18 2011 7:39PM
Thank you so much, that has put my mind at rest a bit.

Thank you

Johanna Jarvis
Jun 20 2011 7:33PM
Not quite sure what you mean by 'reactions'. If you are referring to what a client feels throughout a treatment, in my experience that always varies and sometimes no sensations or 'reactions' are felt at all except perhaps a feeling of total relaxation. If you are referring to benefits experienced subsequently well I am sure you know that they can become apparent 24/48 hrs afterward to varying degrees. Whatever the result you can be sure the treatment will have been of benefit in some way. Unless I have misunderstood what you meant I am sure it is not the result of anything you have done wrong. Hope this is helpful and good luck in your studies.
Gillian Hunter
Jun 20 2011 8:16PM
Thank you all so much for taking the time and trouble to reply to my question. Everything said has made sense in one way or another, so many many thanks.

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