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Posted Jun 22 2011 2:22PM

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health and safety implications working from home

I am looking into starting my own business from home providing Reflexology and Aromatherapy Massage. Who do I need to contact regarding health and safety etc? If anyone could help I would be very grateful!
Pamela Bracken
Jul 6 2011 8:10PM
As far as I am aware you dont need to contact anyone with respect to health and safety. You need to ensure the area you are going to treat you client is hygienic and safe, and you need to make sure you are insured. If you own your property you may need to inform your mortgage lender if you have one. If you rent it you need to get permission from the landlord as the tenancy agreement may not allow it.
Leigh Hall
Jul 19 2011 2:39PM
In Essex you need a licence from trading standards, they will come and visit to make sure the room is ok, you have a toilet available and you have price list on show etc. This gets renewed yearly. Not sure about other areas but might be worth a phone call to check. hth

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