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Posted Jun 28 2011 5:22PM

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I have done my level 3 in reiki do i need a dtlls course or the federation or ctha help not sure. Or can I just go out and teach.

Also I am looking at teaching swedish massage what do I need for this and how much.?

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Susan Ponting
Jun 28 2011 7:21PM
You dont need to do anything else as long as you have your Reiki Master Teacher Certificate and have been shown how to 'attune' people to each different level of Reiki. However, you should take out public liability insurance if not included in your CTha insurance or current insurance. I also did a C&G teaching certificate which I felt added additional credability.
Pamela Bracken
Jul 6 2011 8:00PM
National Occupational Standards were published some time ago which state that to teach a therapy (including Reiki)you need to be qualified in the therapy, have a teaching / training qualification and have a minimum of 3 years experience as a practitioner. You also need to be insured. The venue needs its own insurance but cannot be held liable for what takes place in the 'classroom'. So if for example someone falls off a treatment couch and is injured they could claim against the teacher, if they trip over the carpet and are injured they could claim against the venue.
Details of the National Occupational Standards can be found on the Skills for Health Website.
Info on insurance you can easily get from CThA if you are a member or any therapy organisation.

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