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Posted Jul 14 2011 9:28PM

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Sourcing a Therapist


I was wondering if there is any way of checking if a therapist is fully trained/qualified? I suffer from Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E) and am looking for a therapist in my area (Cleveland/Durham) but am scared that someone may do more harm than good if they don't know what they are doing (please don't be offended by this - I was just warned to be careful by a Reflexologist I saw whilst in Greece). Am looking towards either Reflexology or Reiki Healing.

Many thanks for any advice offered.
Norah Coyne
Jul 27 2011 10:26AM
There is a new very gentle reflexology available now called "Linking" which is very subtle and powerful which might be suitable for you, you might even be able to find someone who does reiki and Linking and you could combine the two into one treatment
Pamela Bracken
Aug 20 2011 3:08PM
Give me a call on 01388 720146 or email me I can put you in touch with a qualified therapist who specialises in treating people with ME - in the Cleveland area
Kind regards
Pam Bracken

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