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Posted by Deborah Wright, Jul 15 2011 9:43AM

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Hi i am going to be giving mini reflexology treatments at a charity event.
I havent done an event before would i still need to get medical history and details from the person i am treating? Any advice would be appreciated.

Kind Regards
Sue Hannaford
Jul 15 2011 9:59AM
Hi Deborah. In my experience some people do and some people don't. I am not a reflexologist so wouldn't know about the potential effects or contraindications of a mini treatment. When I have done this sort of thing, I have a small (A5) reduced consultation form which has the essential questions - name address accidents operations injuries medication conditions and problems at the moment etc. It is easier if you have tick boxes for certain things - needs to be quick to complete, and of course signature and date. It is easier if you have a "receptionist" helping you, but if you don't you will need some signs to say please complete a mini consultation form for your mini treatment etc, as you may not be able to talk to people whilst working!! You can also collect their email address. If you also have a box to opt out of future contact, those that don't, you can email or write to them with offers! Marketing opportunity! Depends whether appropriate to the event.

Good luck.

Deborah Wright
Jul 15 2011 10:37AM
Hi Susan,
Thank you for your reply it has been very helpful.

Kind Regards
Angelina Kelly
Jul 21 2011 10:24AM
Hi Deborah,

I have been a Professional Reflexologist for the past 15 years and have done many such events. In my experience you do not have the time, place or equipment to take a case history of any kind therefore what you do is ask before you begin if they have a current health issue and during the session you work around that. You also only give foot massage that will have no other benefit but to introduce reflexology to the person in the hope that they will take it on themselves after the show. Your main concern is showing how relaxing a mini session is and encourage them to experience a full session as soon as and as often as possible. Remember this is promotion, not treatment.

Hope this helps.

Angelina Kelly

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