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Posted Jul 26 2011 7:04PM

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H=Dear Sir/Madam,

Could you please let me know If I have an insurance with CTha is that cover my injuries and accessibility to Bupa practice If no what othe clinic or medical assistance I could seek.

Thank you

Roma Rudewicz
Norah Coyne
Jul 27 2011 10:16AM
Hi Norah here probably BUPA and ask them what therapies they cover, usally they have a listing of practitioner types or special bodies they cover like the british assoc of physical therapists or that sort of thing, each health company is different and covers their members for different things on different insurance plans so call bupa and see what it is they cover in your area hope this helps
Norah Coyne
Jul 27 2011 10:18AM
If you are based in ireland is different to uk
Ireland no longer has bupa they were taken over from another company but I think you would be covered with someone who is a member of ANMT

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