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Posted by Angela Cooke, Jul 31 2011 8:20PM

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Mobile Reflexology treatments

My name is Angela and I have recently qualified in Reflexology I just wondered for those of you that offer a mobile reflexology service what equipment do you use for your clients? a reflexology lounger chair, do you have them seated on their own sofa? I am considering what would be best for my clients comfort but also for my own without wanting to carry very heavy equipment if possible. Any advice, helpful tips from your experiences would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Angela
Debi Cohen
Jul 31 2011 8:41PM
Hi Angela
I do mobile reflexology and I use a Lafuma chair for the client and a Lafuma therapist chair for me. You will find that if you treat a client on a sofa or bed they won't be at the right height or position and you will do harm to yourself. Better to carry the chair in my opinion.
Hope this helps.
Norah Coyne
Jul 31 2011 8:47PM
The lafuma is great as you can get aa carry bag with it which is not heavy at all but you can still put all your bits and bobs in it too so everything is together
Angela Cooke
Jul 31 2011 8:55PM
Okay Many thanks for your replies I think the lafuma chair is the best way to go. Angela
Lesley Batten
Aug 1 2011 7:34AM

Most of my clients LOVE my Lafuma chair, but I do have one lady who doesn't like it, as she doesn't like being tipped back. This lady sits on her sofa, and I rest each leg in turn on a pillow (to protect the back of her knee) on the Lafuma therapist stool and I sit on one of those folding 'steps' sold in hardware shops, on a small cushion to protect my bum!

I agree that the carrying bag makes it much easier to operate as a mobile therapist.

Best wishes

Karen Druce
Aug 1 2011 9:47AM
Hi Angela

Yes the Lafuma chair is the best one to use and you can buy it from the Oxford School of Reflexology along with all the accessories at

Karen Druce
Elizabeth Darby
Aug 1 2011 10:39AM

I have not got a chair for mobile reflexology, due to the cost, as I do not do that many. I can always make do with what the clients have.
If you are able to do alot of treatments,? then you will need that chair?

Elizabeth, good luck.
Angela Rawlins
Aug 1 2011 4:42PM
Hi Angela

I have a 'Lafuma' chair, it's is a posh garden chair but immensley convenient. It reclines so that the clients feet are just the right height to work. You will need a pillow with towel on the end so their feet are raised and not hanging between the chair and the bar. They are NOT cheap, mine cost me about £120 a few years ago. You may find them in garden centres or John Lewis. Mine is padded green cotton. The ones I see now are mesh - have a look at The Lakeland site (household shop) for an idea, I've recently bought two Lafuma carry bags (I do have 2)

OR try this link
Angela Rawlins
Aug 1 2011 4:45PM

Mind your neck, shoulders and back! False economy! You can use them in the garden and they'll last a long time, plus you can get spares like elastic, paint etc. mI bought another cos I thought my husband would love one also:))
Angela Rawlins
Aug 1 2011 4:45PM

Mind your neck, shoulders and back! False economy! You can use them in the garden and they'll last a long time, plus you can get spares like elastic, paint etc. mI bought another cos I thought my husband would love one also:))
Angela Rawlins
Aug 1 2011 4:50PM
PPS!! As it is a piece of equipment for your job, you can write the cost off to tax:))
Annette Burgess
Aug 1 2011 7:00PM
HI Angela
I bought my LaFuma chair 7 years ago from the Oxford School of Reflexology and it's still going strong. Have bought a new bed recently (to save constant furniture moving between therapies) and reluctantly have put the chair in storage, but handy just in case I do any mobiles. I don't think you would regret buying one, I certainly haven't. However, as one of the posts said, get the cushion for the top and I use a therapy band to cover the space at the bottom, cover it all with a LaFuma fleecy cover and use a D roll to keep the feet in the right place. Bit of expense to start but works a treat and my clients never want to get off it. Best of luck in your new business!
Angela Cooke
Aug 1 2011 7:43PM
Thankyou so much for all your helpful replies! Im just starting out as a Reflexologist so will have to work hard at getting clients. I want to be able to offer a mobile service as its a new venture for me I greatly appreciate and value feedback from you all. If you think of any other helpul points I might need to consider with mobile work i'd love to hear from you. Thanks again Angela
Angela Rawlins
Aug 1 2011 8:54PM
Hi Angela

Make sure you charge a bit more for 'mobile' don't forget the petrol and inconvenience of it for you. I love my elderly clients who are the ones I visit, they so enjoy the visit and the treatment:))
Angela Cooke
Aug 1 2011 9:31PM
Yes good point! thanks Angela. I can imagine for elderly clients especially reflexology must be a wonderful therapy for them and the social contact of visits from a therapist. Very rewarding for you also. Angela
Angelina Kelly
Aug 2 2011 10:22AM
Hi Angela,

Welcome to reflexology, hope it will be a rewarding time for you. I use a heavy wooden garden chair which reclines and is heavily padded with two appropriate cusions. I then put the clients' feet on a Portaped and than I sit facing them on a padded stool. I find this suitable for me, it accommodates everyone's preference and the clients are extremely reluctant to leave. It is worth buying the most expensive and sturdy one you can find, they are gettable in all the garden centres. A heavy wooden one will stand the test of time. It is still portable, I have used this combination for house calls, exhibitions, demonatrations etc and it is relatively easy to carry and transport. As you are starting out it is an excellent way to begin while you are building up your client base and gives you a feel for professional reflexology.

Do remember to charge extra for house calls I charge €20 extra. In truth you should charge double your normal fee on the grounds that one hour of their time is two hours of your time plus expenses on top. You will not get anyone to agree to this so put on a little extra just to acknowledge that it is putting you out and making it more convenient for them. Just because you are new doesn't mean that you should be taken advantage of even though you are eager to help. Encourage people to come to you because that way they have to make it a part of their life and makes them take the treatment more seriously. It also takes them away from their problems and gives them concentrated time out which adds to the benefit of the treatment. Having had an hour away they return to their problems refreshed, renewed and better able to cope. It also makes them feel they have been to a professional. Doctors charge extra for house calls so you should too.

Hope this helps. Good luck and keep in touch.

Angelina Kelly
Angela Cooke
Aug 2 2011 5:27PM
Thankyou Angelina and thanks for your helpful advice. I know of a therapy room I can work from part time and I may be able to give treatments at home space permitting so the mobile work will be an extra ill see how it goes and I take on board everything that you have said:) Angela

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