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Posted by Morgan Gleadall, Aug 1 2011 6:24PM

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I am a Reflexologist based in Sheffield. I have started my business at Bramley Clinic in Sheffield City Centre. I am struggling to find Clients at the moment and wondered is anybody had any tips on how to attract new clients. I have tried different advertising techniques and I am offering Free 15-20 minute consultations.

Alternatively, I will be looking to work somewhere that already has a good attraction and Clientelle base for Reflexology.
Kathleen Flynn Burnett
Aug 2 2011 7:57AM
Building up a client base takes time. I have not found advertising very effective. It is word of mouth that I have found to work best. Offer existing clients a heavy discount if they refer you to 3 people who in turn book a treatment.
Getting involved in pamper evenings at school/church/social club fund raising events etc can be useful as you are seen by lots of people who may never consider trying Reflexology.
Hope that you find this useful.
Good luck
Morgan Gleadall
Aug 2 2011 11:13AM
Hi Kathleen
Thank you for your post. That sounds like a great idea doing pamper evenings and social events. I know it's something that will take time to build up, I knew to expect this before but I just can't wait to get stuck in! :-)

Thanks again for your advice

Kathleen Flynn Burnett
Aug 2 2011 11:41AM
Hello again. i started off in London in 2005. I had been working at Massage and Reflexlogy while holding down a full time job for the previous year, therefore, when i Jumped ship as it where, i had a small clientelle.....from then on it took just under 18 months before i could relax and feel that had a business. Keep at it, it is the best job in the world. We are so usefull and necessary!!!
I moved to Lancashire in April, so am starting all over again. It is hard and frustrating, but the end goal is so worth it....Keep smiling and just keep on keeping on.

Morgan Gleadall
Aug 2 2011 1:33PM
Oh I see, well good luck to you too :-) thanks again for your help.

Deborah Wright
Aug 3 2011 9:09AM
Hi Everyone, I have just started also and have no clients at the moment. I found that advertising didnt work all i got from that was offers to do my accounts and provide websites. I am doing mini treatments at a charity event hopefully i will get some clients. It is frusturating, i have been told that it can take up to 2 years to have a good client base.

Kind Regards
Kathleen Flynn Burnett
Aug 3 2011 9:44AM
Good luck with the charity event.
Take lots of business cards/leaflets with you , and be in a mood to talk to the whole world and his brother about what you do. I usually find a couple of clients at such places. Yes it is a hard slog to get established, but it is worth it in the end.

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