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Posted by Sue Swiecicka, Aug 4 2011 9:56AM

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Colour Work in Hospices

I work as a volunteer therapist (massage & reiki) for a hospice and am interested in incorporating some kind of colour therapy into my work. I had thought about using the Colour Me Beautiful approach (using swatches of different coloured materials) but this would of course have hygiene implications. I'd be interested to hear from anyone out there who is working with colour, to hear what kind of approach you take and what materials you use. Thanks.
Amanda Clegg
Aug 4 2011 4:09PM
Suggest the best person is Pauline Wills - she pioneered colout therapy and its use with reflexology and has written some of the best guides. You should be able to track her down on the web - and she also teached yoga, so try that as a search. I Can't give you her contact details here, but if you can#'t find her, then PM me privately via my CThA business listing I'll put you in touch - she's the sister of a friend.
Sue Swiecicka
Aug 5 2011 10:23AM
Thanks Amanda, that's really helpful.

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