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Posted by Tina Maria Pritchard, Apr 23 2006 9:03AM

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Hello fellow therapists!

I've been scanning this area for a while now and there is little chat going on. I thought that maybe I could get some going.........

Has anyone had problems getting tickets for the Beauty show at Donington Park? I certainly have, and when correspondence arrived I was a ticket short! The hot line has gone very cold and e mail proved ineffective too.

How's life for therapists now that Spring is here. Has it brought a flood of new clients or are things a bit slow? I'm just ticking over but could do with some new clients. I've found that after updating my site as George kindly advised has brought some enquiries.

Maybe someone has something to chat about and would like to join me, I'm a good listener and I like a good laugh!

With all good wishes to everyone

Rosemary Johnson
Apr 24 2006 6:15PM
Hi Tina,
Good to see some activity - it is quiet here, isn't it?!
Can't help about the show tickets - Donnington is way too far for me to want to trek to go to a trade fair, even if I could get there by public transport.
I'm currenlty hobbling around stiffly, having fallen off a horse in a rather spectacular manner recently. He would doubtless tell you I was riding him very badly, but on the whole, a metaphorical kick in the backside would have wrought more improvement than a literal one (w=from cantering hooves onthe way down). Ouch! At least neither my pelvis nor my hip are borken as I first thought - though after spending over 4 hours in A&E waiting for someone to start finding this out, I do wonder how our health service is ever going to cope with the wretched olympics arriving on my doorstep in a few years!
Tina Maria Pritchard
Apr 24 2006 8:53PM
Hi Rosemary

Sorry to hear about your accident. I don't know much about horses, but can remember a time in my teens when I was thrown off and that was the first and last time on a horse!

I'm really pleased to hear from you, you've been busy on the forum yourself trying to get some chat going I know, maybe someone would like to join us.

Went to the Donington Beauty show, it was good and not too busy. To be honest, you can pick up some bargains and make some valuable connections. This show seemed to have the largest show of spray tanning equipment ever seen! but there were some interesting stands too. One was a small shiatsu massage machine which was really good and I mean good- my back, shoulders and neck felt wonderful after the short treatment.
I wonder if anyone else had a good day there?

Have a good week

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