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Posted by Louise Miller, Aug 16 2011 10:33AM

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Advice on room rental charges please


Help please.

Can anyone offer me advice on how much room rental is per treatment, hour or day in relationship to prices charged for treatments, preferably in Scotland but anywhere in UK would be good. I have recently just started my own mobile business but have the opportunity to work within an establishment but finding it hard to know what a 'fair' price is.


Angelina Kelly
Aug 16 2011 11:10AM
Hi Louise,

The general rule of thumb is one third of the fee to the centre and two thirds to the therapist. This varies as some centres charge by the hour, some by the client but it is the general rule.

Best wishes

Angelina Kelly
Nicki Lee
Aug 16 2011 12:58PM
This can vary greatly, and a lot depends on what you are being offered. Some things that may increase the price would be a receptionist making appointments for you, if the centre gets a lot of referrals and is well known in the area, if other therapists will refer for you, if any supplies or equipment is supplied.

Also the terms make a big difference - if you can book by the hour and only pay for the time you use it will be more expensive than if you commit to certain hours, and if you pay for them whether you use them or not.

You may want to do a budget, figuring both 'best' and 'worst' cases for how many clients you will see to determine if this will work out for you.

Good luck!

Roushan Martens
Aug 16 2011 4:30PM
Hi Louise, as far as I know in Edinburgh, £8-£12/hr is about the range - you might be lucky and find somewhere cheaper, but I doubt you'd get a receptionist, booking over the phone, etc. Usually there is some kind of deal, like maybe an hour at £10, but 4 hours at £30. I think there are some places that take, say, 30% of what you earn, which works out more expensive - but on the other hand, places that do that don't usually charge you unless you get a client, so if you're not busy, it could work out a lot cheaper. Afraid I can't tell you which places these are, as I can't remember, sorry!

Louise Miller
Aug 23 2011 8:07PM

Thanks all for advice, it's given me a guide to work from. More local research needed on treatment prices needed I think!

Sandra Mockridge
Aug 27 2011 9:01PM

Room hire is approximately £10.00 per hour in my area of Kent but can anyone advise what percentage should be charged if the salon provides the client.



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