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Posted by George B., May 2 2006 1:43PM

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Voluntary Regulation (Update)

Members with aromatherapy qualifications may be approached to be part of the Aromatherapy Single Register as part of the process to National Voluntary Registration.

There is at present no official national Register and members do not need to pay to join any organisation calling itself the official register.

The final set of consultations for the proposed National Register are still in progress with the Department for Health and the Princes Foundation for Integrated Health. These are to determine the exact structure for Regulation and the means by which therapists can become registered, if that is what they want to do.

CThA will advise members of the results of the consultation and will be able to advise members on the options in due course.
Mariette Lobo
May 14 2006 11:06PM
George - there are 4 Forums listed on the Forums' list, in particular:

1 Aromatherapy Regulation
2 Reflexology Regulation

Why isn't there any information at all about these 2 current, very important issues, on either? One assumes they would be the first port of call for Embody CThA members who want to find out what's going on! More worryingly, the one and only message posted on the Aromatherapy Forum is still awaiting a reply (unless someone has sent it to the writer's private email address) - one that would interest all of us aromatherapists. Isn't there anyone in Embody who would provide guidelines (general or specific) for all Embody aromatherapy members?

Edith Maskell
Jul 9 2006 3:51PM
Apologies Mariette, uncleaar what you mean by Guidelines?

The GCP/IGPP/CThA has been reporting on the regulatory process for almost 10 years in the various Journals.

Since I have been Chair, there has not been a publication where I have not reported, on Regulation at great length. Admittedly for a good deal of those years, there has not been a lot to report but in the past year, things have moved on apace, but we have been keeping the members informed as the changes happened.

The reason the piece appeared on the website about the Aromatherapy Consortium is because the AC was stepping up its call to Aromatherapists to join their register and we felt it was vital to point out to Aromatherapists that this is not obligatory at this stage. What further guidelines do you feel would be helpful? After all our time and efforts over all these years, it would be catastrophic if members felt "in the dark" on such an important issue as regulation.

Edith Maskell
Rosemary Johnson
Jul 9 2006 11:02PM
Edith, you may like to take a look into the "Local grups" area of the forums, and you'll find the two - empty - areas referred to.
Mariette Lobo
Jul 10 2006 7:40AM
Thanks, Rosemary. That is what I was referring to. I'm just bemused by the sudden rush of replies to queries raised on the various forums almost 2 months ago!

Edith Maskell
Jul 10 2006 8:41AM
Bemused? You and me both Mariette. So bemused, I'm bowing out and leaving you two ladies to it!

With best wishes

Mariette Lobo
Jul 10 2006 9:24AM
Not me, hen! I'm bowing out too.


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