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Posted by Maria Pedersen, Sep 4 2011 6:47PM

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Consultation forms

Hi, I am setting up a stall doing 20 minutes and 10 minutes back, neck and shoulder massages am also looking to go into local businesses. My query is - do I need to get the clients to fill in consultation forms as they are really mini taster massages to get them to come to me at my rented room?
Sue Hannaford
Sep 4 2011 6:57PM
I think there is another thread somewhere that discusses this topic.

Marianne Free Allitt
Sep 4 2011 7:23PM
Personally, I would do a consultation form for every treatment you carry out.... for some people, even a mini treatment would be contraindicated and could have serious implications!! I would cover your back in every circumstance. If a client was to suffer a reaction to a treatment afterwards and you didn't know what conditions they were suffering from, you wouldn't have a leg to stand on if they instigated a complaint against you!!
Jane Hopwood
Sep 5 2011 7:51AM
There is nothing like a face to face consultation. At this type of event, however, you could get them to fill in the consultation forms themselves and sign any necessary disclaimer. You could adapt a consultation form for this purpose and which could be given out beforehand. You could then doing a mini check with the form in hand prior to their treatment. This is only my suggestion as I have never given any mini treatments. Response from others that have actually done it, may well be more appropriate. Kind regards Jane
Jane Hopwood
Sep 5 2011 7:55AM
What I mean is you could do a complete of minutes
recky of the consultation form - double check with client immediately prior to treatment. You can ask what you need to know on your consultation form and it will there time spent completing it not yours.
Frances Daly
Sep 5 2011 8:54AM
Even for mini treatments you are required by Law to ask our client to fill in a consultation Card and you are also required to fill in your reporton the treatment. No Report by you no way for you to protect yourself legally. One must always keep accurate records no matter how short the treatment. That is what the insurance companies tell us.
Maria Pedersen
Sep 5 2011 8:43PM
Thanks for your help ladies :)
Frances Kelly
Sep 21 2011 2:40PM
Hi Maria, I am surprised that you have asked this question as surely due to your training which I am sure would have included codes of conduct and ethics you would be carrying out a consultation no matter how long the session is, as one of the other replys explains people can still get a reaction no matter what.

Frances Kelly

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