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Posted by Annmarie Forrest, Sep 7 2011 2:48PM

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Portable Beauty/Massage couch for sale!

Hello there,

I have Portable Beauty/Massage couch for sale!

I am selling it due to moving house in a months time.

Normal price: £149

Price now: £80

It comes with the original black carrier bag.

If you would like to see pictures of the couch please email me on:


Annmarie Forrest
Sue Hannaford
Sep 7 2011 5:47PM
Is this the same one you were selling in June for £50?
Annmarie Forrest
Sep 7 2011 10:41PM
Oh yea and someone told me i was selling it too cheap!

Why are you interested?
Sue Hannaford
Sep 7 2011 11:14PM
Not me, for someone else. (Just thought it was a bit weird, as you were moving in a month's time when you posted in June and your purchase price was lower as well as the selling price!)

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