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Posted by Giuseppe Tomaselli, Sep 9 2011 11:02PM

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Cancellation Of Meeting planned for the 16th of September _ New meeting Friday 23rd of September

Dear Members,

Unfortunately, too many members are unable to attend the meeting planned for the 16th of this month, I have therefore, decided to postpone it to Friday the 23rd of September.

It is very important that as many members as possible take part at this meeting as we will be planning the meetings for the all of the following year. What we want from them, what therapies we want to hear about, or topics we want to discuss, or what events we want to organise and so on.

If you are not there your view will not be heard and, as this is your group, it is important that it meets with your requirements and expectations.

Please let me know as soon as possible if you will be able to attend on the 23rd.

Thank you and best regards,


Local Area Co-ordinator
North Kent and South East London

Tania Waller
Sep 10 2011 8:45AM
Yes I can attend - it's in the diary. Please confirm the venue.

Best wishes
Karen Proctor
Sep 10 2011 10:28AM
Hi Giuseppe, I'm afraid I'm moving to Plymouth and won't be able to attend any meetings in the near future. Good luck with the group.
Joanna Constantinou
Sep 10 2011 12:24PM
Hi, I'd like to attend but am working that evening. Could you confirm venue and time and I will see if I can rearrange, thank you.

Giuseppe Tomaselli
Sep 10 2011 1:09PM
Dear Members,

The address for the meeting is at
The Children of Christ coffee shop the address is 112 Bellegrove Road Welling Kent DA16 3QD. Please note that the car navigation system will take you much further down the road. The shop is at the corner with Ruskin Avenue by the only zebra crossing on that road. You can park on surrounding streets.
The meeting will start at 19.30.
All proceeds from the members’ meeting (usual contribution of £3.00) will be donated to the Children of Christ Charity which looks after the old, the young and the vulnerable, independently of their creed.
I will make sure that there will be more fancy chocolate biscuits this time!! They seem to be the first to go.
I will also require some volunteers to share some of the work in running the group as my free time is very limited (my wife complains that it is not existent).
Please let me know if you are able to attend as soon as possible.
Also, please bring your business cards for some networking and exchange of ideas.

Best regards,


Yvonne Webb
Sep 11 2011 9:13AM

I am on holiday in Crete that week, I will not be back in time.
I hope it goes well.
Michelle McFarlane
Sep 19 2011 8:18PM
Hi Giuseppe,

I will be able to attend the meeting on Friday.

See you all there.


Judith Quin
Sep 20 2011 3:50PM
I've got a client in Catford until 7:30pm, if traffic's not hell and I've not over run I'll try to turn up but it will be at least 8pm - is that OK?

Of course if I do over run and traffic is crap and I'm knackered I may be a no show if I'm honest. Sorry!

Giuseppe Tomaselli
Sep 20 2011 6:08PM
Hi Judith,
Feel free to arrive at any time. The meeting will be an open discussion on where we are going and what we want from the group meetings etc. Also, it will be an opportunity to meet new people and exchanging ideas.

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