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Posted by Nicola Russell, Sep 10 2011 10:23AM

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anatomy & physiology

Hi all

I'm looking to brush up on my anatomy & physiology & am looking for a resource either online/downloadable/dvd that will show me the anatomy of the body in 3d & also a demo of the role of each muscle (rather than just a description.) I've found a few online but they seem to be hundreds of pounds to subscribe to.

Any recommendations?

Tracy Newton
Sep 13 2011 9:03PM
Hi I found this a good website but its not exactly 3D but still good for Visual learners to get things to sink in.

Its also good to do daily multiple choice questions and answers as it seems to be the best way to remember the answers.
healthypages usually have all the questions in the forums.
Hope this helps
Nicola Russell
Sep 13 2011 11:26PM
Thanks for the info. I knew I could rely on you guys!
Angela Rawlins
Sep 23 2011 4:56PM
Hi ya

Thanks for that:))
Siew Allen
Nov 14 2011 10:06PM
Hi Nicola, if you are looking for hands on palpation of muscles and learn about them as you feel them then finding someone who can help in this way is very usefull and fast way of learning them
email Siew for more detail

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