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Posted by Judith Quin, Sep 23 2011 10:46PM

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24th Oct. ~ Sound Bath with Divine Light Sound Healing ~

Hello lovely people

I received this notification (below) from Amanda yesterday:

There are only 10 places on this occasion and it's only £10 so do let Amanda know if you want to go,I will be there. I had my first one-on-one sound healing from her on Tuesday this week which was revelationary and incredibly releasing ~ been feeling pretty fabulous since then and things have been shifting.

For further information on Divine Light Sound Healing please see


Judith x

Dear All

When I step aside and sound, I bring in Divine Light energy through my voice. For those of you that haven't heard the sound, it isn't like singing, I am being led to create what has been described by others as waves of love through sound. This has recently been given an added dimension as I have also started sounding and speaking in Light Language (as it sounds - the language of the light).

The Divine Light Sound Baths will be run like Gong Baths in that all you have to do is turn up, lie down and allow the sound to wash over and through you. There will be a brief guided meditation to open and then you just relax as the sound vibrations resonate through your physical being and subtle bodies like ripples on water when a stone is dropped in and if you feel any resistance to the sound waves either release it or just observe your own holdings.

The baths will create a bubble of love through sound which will hold the group safely and warmly allowing a deep relaxation and a releasing of long held tensions.

The cost is £10 and I would suggest you bring a yoga mat or blanket to lie on and warm clothes, or anything that will make you more comfortable to lie down for an hour, as we all know how chilly we can get when in deep states.

I will have some spare mats so please don’t worry if you don’t have one.

The Hut is a small hall in Chelsea - 15 mins walk from Sloane Square - which is run as a nursery during the day so it has a lovely energy, there will be 10 places so if you want to book please let me know via e-mail or call me on 07904 198 793.

If you have any questions just ask and please send on to anyone that you think might be interested and also of course do let me know if you don't wish to be informed of any future events.

The details are:

Monday 24th October 2011
6.30 - 7.30
The Hut
Alpha Place
Kensington And Chelsea

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