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Posted by Giuseppe Tomaselli, Sep 30 2011 9:41PM

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Minutes of North Kent and South East London meeting 23rd September 2011

Dear members,

Please find to follow the minutes of our last meeting very kindly compiled by Ashiling Cullen.
Unfortunately, her beautiful lay out was messed up by the CThA web site restrictions.

CTHA North Kent and South East London Meeting
Children of Christ Coffee Shop 23/09/2011 19:30-21:30

Our meeting on Friday 23rd September 2011 marked our first year anniversary of the North Kent and South East London CTHA Group. The meeting was a little different to those we’ve had over the past year as we didn’t have any speakers or demonstrations but instead planned for future meetings and the change of pace was quite nice.
We gathered ideas for demonstrations / talks we would like to see at future meetings these include:
Talk Bach Flower Remedy
Demonstration The Dorn Method
Talk Working as a mobile therapist.
Demonstration Chiropractor
Demonstration Alexander Technic
Demonstration Tui Na – Chinese massage
Talk Therapists’ posture and injuries prevention
Talk Physiotherapy
Talk Neal’s Yard remedies - opportunities
Talk How to set up in business
If other members wish to provide a demonstration or a talk on a particular subject, please let me know.
Embody web site
Giuseppe will enquire about the possibility of having a Greater London listing and not a London listing which at the moment excludes all those therapists working just outside Central London.
Self Defence Class:
We now have a date for the proposed Self Defence class, which has been discussed at previous meetings. The date and time for the class is Friday 14th October 2011 at 7:30pm. The class will last 2 hours and will cost £10 per person. The 1st class will be at the BJJ club at West Hill House, 62 West Hill, Dartford, DA1 2EU. Parking available by the club. All equipment will be provided, just wear a ‘T’ shirt and a comfortable/elasticated pair of trousers.

Christmas Meal
The group proposed going out for a Christmas meal on Saturday 3rd December 2011 at an Italian Restaurant (Zero Sette) known to Giuseppe in The Excel area. The cost will be £20 or £25 per person, Giuseppe will supply details of the two menus. Names are required as soon as possible.
Try a Treatment
The group proposed to run another Try a Treatment evening and would like to hold the event at the Hurst Road Community Centre, which was the location of the first one we ran. Ideally this should be held in April / May 2012 and will be discussed in further detail during the January 2012 meeting.

Proposed Dates for future meetings.
The group also scheduled in dates for meetings, please see the table below. Also included is events that may be of interest.

Event Dates for North Kent & South East London
Event Type Date Location
Mind, Body & Soul 11-13/11/2011 Royal Horticultural Halls- Greycoat St.
CTHA meeting 18/11/2011 TBC
Christmas Meal 03/12/2011 Zero Sette -Excel
CTHA Meeting 20/01/2012 TBC
CTHA Meeting 23/03/2012 TBC
Try a Treatment April/May
CTHA Meeting 18/05/2012 TBC
CTHA Meeting 06/07/2012 TBC
CTHA Meeting 21/09/2012 TBC

Treatment Swaps
Also discussed was the possibility of carrying out treatments on each other at our meetings. Some members were happy with the idea of just massaging the back, neck, shoulders and head whilst others would be very happy with a full body massage, which would require the use of massage tables. [Giuseppe, will ask if it would be possible to use the Bexley Adult Education college in Sidcup as they have tables there]. Would members like to see this as a regular feature? Do members want to organise treatment swaps?

Attendance at CTHA Meetings
The group would like to make everyone aware that our meetings are open to CTHA and non-CTHA members, regardless if you’re practising or not. We also welcome students of Complimentary therapies too, so please spread the word. We’re here to support each other.

Next Meeting Friday 18th November 2011
Our next meeting will be held at the same venue. Technology willing (Laptop and mobile phone), it was thought that it may be very useful to provide a tutorial to the CTHA web site as some members aren’t aware of the full potential of it. Also, if members want, we could also do treatment swaps on each other.

Please watch out for more information in our forum, follow the link

Looking forward to your comments.


Judith Quin
Sep 30 2011 10:08PM
Defo up for the Xmas meal. Count me in.

Won't be at next meeting as will just be back from Egypt and have a friend over.

Happy to talk about being a mobile massage therapist and/or to talk at 'how to set up in business' for students. On that note - CThA Student Area still says 'Coming soon....' ....!

Think that setting aside 10/15mins at the start or end of meetings to give eachother a little mini-mini treatment is a nice idea - and one time we get/one time we receive would work nicely. Don't think there's any need to bother with couches & full body treatments, that's not really what these meetings are for and as therapists we should all be getting these regularly anyway for our own health & Maintenance.

errr.. think that's it - can't remember the rest of the minutes, have next year's dates in diary - thanks to Ashling for doing them - time for another G&T

Judith x
Sarah Chandler
Oct 3 2011 8:25AM
Hiya, apologies for missing the last couple of meetings - please count me in for the Xmas meal

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