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Posted by CThA Administrator, Oct 5 2011 11:04AM

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Freshwinds Charity - Looking for Volunteer Complementary Therapists in Birmingham

At Freshwinds we provide complementary therapies for adults and children with life-threatening and life-limiting illnesses using an integrated medicine approach. Our team consists of Medical and Complementary Therapy professionals. We have a commitment to the ongoing training and development of our therapists. If you are a fully qualified and insured complementary therapist and would like to join our team of volunteer therapists, please contact Freshwinds for a volunteer application form.

For a volunteer application form:

· Web:

· Tel: 0121 415 6670 (Freshwinds, Prospect Hall, 12 College Walk, Selly Oak, Birmingham, B29 6LE)

For further information about Freshwinds:

· Web:

· Contact: Jenny Charlton (Complementary Therapy Coordinator) or Dr Pankaj Shah (Medical Officer) on 0121 415 6670

Patrick Pires
Nov 9 2011 6:16PM
Here is somebody else who wants something for nothing!
As therapists, we have each spent considerable time, money and effort to hone our skills as well as meet regulatory requirements such as insurance, membership of an organisation, etc. Therefore, I cannot understand why we should offer our services on a volunteer basis to organisations that can and ought to provision to
pay. As 'newbies' most of us have had to develop our skills on friends and colleagues. BUT, after this
period we should not cheapen our occupation by offering to volunteer! All charity organisations receive
funding to exist. It is up to them to provision for funding out of their budgets! Therapists' practice should NOT be a side-show!

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