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Posted by Luciana Corp, Oct 5 2011 9:29PM

Please do not use forums to advertise courses.

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Hi can any one guide me to an easy to read and understand document/website regarding as complementary therapist what we are and are not allowed to write in our leaflets and also on our websites...

Many thanks
Frances Patterson
Oct 5 2011 9:43PM
Hi Luciana,
Have you tried the advertising standards authority website?
Marian Child
Oct 6 2011 6:42AM
I have, and quite rightly so, been caught out with this in the past.

You cannot say for example, the therapy you do WILL help ..... you need to use words such as MAY or CAN.

I learnt reflexology and every case study had to include the work homeostasis. You cannot use that word as part of your advert as reflexology has not been PROVEN to do this.

My wesite is still a little long winded, but several clients said they prefer something short and concise. The main reason being is that they already knew what the therapy I offered was, and that they had found my website as a result of looking for someone who actually offered the therapy in the local area.

Hope this helps.
Luciana Corp
Oct 6 2011 8:12AM
Thank you both for your replies.

I have looked at the advertising standards website, and managed to get a little confused. WIll look again with my logical head on!

Thanks again x
Julie Egginton
Oct 11 2011 5:33PM

If you do an internet search "CAP guidelines for complementary therapies" you should find some useful sites, dependent on your therapy.
Luciana Corp
Oct 11 2011 6:18PM
THank you julie Will do that too :)

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